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Minor fender bender. No info exchanged.?2dog2012-02-15 06:36:16
I just had my first accident ever. I was a backup gas station and accidentally hit the car behind me. I wasn'tt even go one mile per hour. I got up and went to see if the boy was well and to check for damage . There was absolutely no damage to any car or us. He said he was fine and we did not exchange any information what so ever. Unless I wrote my number plate after. He pulled out right behind me and we went on our business. You can give me something now ? Although we decided not to do anything about it ?
I was in a minor fender bender. Miniscule damage, guy took name and insurance info. What to expect next?3 ↘ 〆 altogether ru Bldg relic2012-03-02 22:41:33
I gave my name and policy number , we have no other information about each other . There is nothing images. What I can expect after
What should I do if i get into a minor fender bender?0negative2012-06-14 02:44:52
I've never gotten into a serious accident and the only car crash that had just got into any harm, but it was the fault of other guys , so I called the police to see what I do . When the officer gave the other submitted a ticket and told me that my insurance would go up if I filed a complaint even though it was not my fault. In this type of accident (where the two cars are still manageable ) I wonder what to do with insurance and documentation all without anyone having to get an appointment.
Minor fender bender?9Brandon2012-02-09 19:50:32
My mom and I were in a minor accident when backing a place in the post office .... seemed to me surface scratches on both cars. We had some chalky residue is easily cleaned in our car, while the other driver was the same , with a slightly deeper surface scratches .... who were not even sure our cars touched , only felt an impact at all. The other driver was acting as if there was more damage than it looks (I think this happens during the holiday rush was the problem) , so they called the police for a report and go through insurance . Although it was our fault for not supporting him , sure that my mom is going up? If so , how ? She has a perfect driving record and had no accidents or tickets . Thank you !
Minor fender bender, hit and run?3glitter smitter 2012-07-21 21:11:05
So there was a lot of traffic around the city today as it was rush hour. traffic ahead of me was about to leave what was merged into another lane , and as I was looking in my side mirror and slightly beaten in the car ahead of me. I saw the driver class to react in his side mirror. There were no bumps or scratches at all. So we were stopped in traffic then I saw that bind to the output. I tried to follow , but there was no way I was going to make it so ended up walking away in panic. I do not think I have my plate number because there were so many cars , but now I 'm going crazy . What should I do ? There was no damage at all and I know I should have come out somehow, but no way . Can I be charged for this?
I was in a minor fender bender, what do i do?1Fay2012-02-08 18:07:59
we got out of our vehicles, asked if it was my first wreck and I said yes, there was no damage to your car, and less than mine. We did not exchange information , take photographs, file a complaint or a police report. What should I do? Do I have anything to worry about ? after I said it was my first ruin said, " that luck was with me " and not in an angry tone , just something like ... wooh you were lucky . so do not know . What can you do if anything ? I'm really worried.
Minor Fender Bender/Traffic?2Debby2012-06-07 18:54:34
He had a minor fender bender last week that resulted in small scratch on the car to others. Not sure who is in fault becuase he was sitting in a lane that is used to become the complex where I live. I was driving a borrowed car , so do not have insurance information on hand. Do not call the police and not get the information of people from other insurance or any other contact information . I gave them my mobile number and we agreed he would call me regarding the accident. I had not heard of them until yesterday when I received a note in my mothers car saying the number he gave was wrong and that I have is lucky that he was not hurt and no real damage to your car. She also tells me not to beat out his car because she has my number on the label. Never tried to get away with it and gave him my cell phone number which is never used. He also presented a report with my insurance agency moms on the accident to be sure. What do you think is happening and what can happen now?
Minor fender bender and it was my fault can they sue me?12Fanny2012-04-29 07:31:06
I just received a minor fender bender and the other car was withdrawn slightly, but it was a rental car. The conduct of the people were not affected at all, but had to call the police because it's a rental car. Can the car rental company to sue me or make me pay eventhough it is not much damge ?
Minor Fender Bender, Can Anything Happen to Me?2Gilber2012-03-16 11:02:15
This morning I was driving and went to make a light. I stopped , not wanting to run a red light. However, I was a bit out of the intersection. That back up and hit the man behind me. I saw him take a picture of my bumper / license plate. The two became a parking lot, and examined his car (which was much nicer ). I asked if everything was okay . He said, "yes." I asked if I wanted my number or anything , he said, "no." His car had no damage, and my defense had a couple of very small dents . He was upset , but I made sure I did not want any of my information. The two left. Is there anything that happened to me ?
I just rear ended a car...minor scrapes on their car,exchanged license info but no insurance and no cop report2mz.baby2012-08-04 05:15:03
What do I do ? if I wanted to be an idiot I can leave it, even if he has my number and license plate #? it was his fault (he admitted ), but since I hit the back of her automatically my fault (uncle crashed his brakes in a light greem heading to the road , come on! )
Just got into a minor fender bender accident, need estimates?2Pag2012-03-07 17:12:32
it was raining and I released the brake pedal for 2-3 seconds and fender bendered the back of an SUV , my neighborhood appeared. and the ATV was left with a few scratches and some little scratches on the ball that the chain / hook a trailer fell off (not sure of the name) . I found the amount of damage on my car cost . But how much it would cost in the sedan, with the ball lands and some scratches, no dents.
Minor fender bender - other guy had no proof of insurance?0Griffit2012-05-06 18:51:22
Do you have a minor in the fender bender i drive a jeep and hit the front man driving a sedan on an exit ramp after being arrested. The guy was starting to go and then just suddenly stopped , so we were at very low speeds . We called the police to get some reports. The only damage to my car was that the plate is bent a bit and my front bumper has to flare up again where I can get the representation they do at some later time ( without the participation of insurance). The other type has its rear bumper pushed a little, but when police arrived on the scene , he has no proof of insurance. I think he has a ticket and anything else for that. my question is, what if you want to get your bumper fixed and call my insurance company? the police told me that I have no great damage to mine, I probably would not call my insurance company. so I get higher premiums or something, if I did not inform and not the other?

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