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In a car accident with no police report and no insurance info exchanged. we only exchanged name and numbers. ?2Lillian2012-05-04 11:29:43
He was drunk and called the cops have not called ... I think it's because of him and he believes it is mine ..... if you do not answer your call more and that involving the police?
I had an accident and no info exchanged?1Kelvina2012-05-03 12:52:57
So this guy I was rear ended today trying to beat a red light and slammed on the brakes suddenly and I could not react enough, so I elbowed him , by the time I hit him I was doing 10 mph so nothing happened to any of our cars , so do not share any information at all. He leaned into his car and not mine that was wrong with any of our cars. The two did not want the insurance companies involved. He said there was a small scratch on his defense and asked $ 20 for a touch of paint , so I gave it and left the two. My question is that this back to haunt me ? I never gave any information at all.
Got into car accident. exchanged info. but the person wont pay. anything i can do?12Chatwin2012-06-10 18:46:52
He got in a car accident . exchange information . but the person does not pay. anything I can do ?
Car accident in NJ with a police report filed but no info exchanged between the drivers. What should I do?2parrot2012-05-24 16:30:29
I was involved in a collision with a vehicle that had driven through a red light. A police report was filed , but due to inexperience that none of us had exchanged contact information with others. The other party had admitted guilt / blame myself and the police, and was issued a summons or ticket . I called my insurance and was told to call the company of another insurance because they do not have collision coverage . What should I do now ? What happens now ? I have yet to go to work somehow. Thanks for your time and comments.
If a police report isnt filed in a car accident, but insurrance info was exchanged, can a claim still be made?9Killa Priest 2012-05-28 09:18:17
In short, that " bounced " in the car in front of me is going to idle. The other driver was frightened , and seemed to be drunk. Continued to refuse a police report because he was " embarrassed " . As it was my fault, let it slide by . (Note actually had paint damage only minor) . He has since filed a claim with my insurrance company more than originally happen . I have forced him to stay, but he cheated me out of it , as it was really my fault. Looking back, this man was clearly trying to avoid the police .
My son backed in to a car in aug now its dec no info exchanged?4Pearl2012-05-04 19:44:19
Now the guy called and wants the money
Minor fender bender. No info exchanged.?2dog2012-02-15 06:36:16
I just had my first accident ever. I was a backup gas station and accidentally hit the car behind me. I wasn'tt even go one mile per hour. I got up and went to see if the boy was well and to check for damage . There was absolutely no damage to any car or us. He said he was fine and we did not exchange any information what so ever. Unless I wrote my number plate after. He pulled out right behind me and we went on our business. You can give me something now ? Although we decided not to do anything about it ?
I accidentally backed into a parked car at mcdonalds, we exchanged info and all but the cop said?0NENAS2012-10-12 01:31:32
mcdonalds is a privately owned , took the report but did not give me a ticket even though it was my fault . No major damage just searching spree . Just wondering if my insurance will go up despite happened on private property and not on the street .... and if he did climb is possible to take a defensive driving class to hit my liscence points ....
I just rear ended a car...minor scrapes on their car,exchanged license info but no insurance and no cop report2mz.baby2012-08-04 05:15:03
What do I do ? if I wanted to be an idiot I can leave it, even if he has my number and license plate #? it was his fault (he admitted ), but since I hit the back of her automatically my fault (uncle crashed his brakes in a light greem heading to the road , come on! )
Auto accident, with no insurance exchanged?0agness2012-07-19 07:58:03
Ok, so I hit this girl today, but no damage was done to her truck, and there was a dent in my car. I asked her if she would like to exchange insurance information and she declined since there was no damage to her truck. Is there any way she could later try to file an insurance claim since she declined to exchange information? I do happen to know the girl that I hit so she knows who I am.
Car accident with no information exchanged or police report?2Hoga2012-05-02 00:35:01
I parked my car , and when I opened the door the wind took it and hit the car next to me . As I left the car the man was rushed from his driver's side insists that my information, when we looked there was no mark on his or my car and I said no matter . He then proceeded to curse out by letting the wind take it. as I ignored my friend in the car with me took his badge number and ended up walking away ... Is there any way I could file a complaint to me if I came to get my badge number? no other witness who is not my friend ..
What do i do after a minor car accident, where insurance was exchanged (michigan)?0Alison2012-06-30 22:45:02
I was in a minor car accident , at first not even think they made ​​contact, but he said he did and showed me a small mark on his defense. I noticed any marks on my car. We exchanged insurance information and phone numbers . My first accident insurance I am in my mother. I was making a turn of Michigan , U and was in a light.Traffic was clear, so I was turning slow, so I thought I was doing that so I could make my turn and it's like to be accelerated to try and hit me. I'm pretty sure he turned red, I'm not sure if permitted in that light. We did not really talk about the accident just information exchange.

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