Whiplash insurance claim?

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Asked at 2011-12-27 18:21:12
So I was in an accident that was my fault for a month ... I had three friends in the car, I found out yday are now claiming whiplash in my insurance. None of them have whiplash and texts I have to prove it, could dispute their claims? and offered to give me a 1 / 3 of his claim that each allows. What would my insurance claim if all 3? Im totally a draft and 19 years of age.
Answer1HarleAnswered at 2011-12-27 19:47:40
To make a claim for whiplash , which should have been evaluated by a doctor at the hospital. Whiplash , while it is difficult to detect , doctors could lose their license if GMC , knowing the diagnosis of whiplash with someone who does not have just so they can make a fraudulent claim. The insurer would have to see a copy of the discharge from the hospital and if you say you have whiplash, you would face a whiplash claim . If the insurance claimants accused of lying when their hospital records show otherwise , could end up in court for defamation.

The insurer will request a letter from your employer that shows how long they were away from work and from , as this is the way the judge of the severity of the injury when settling a claim. If you are not out for long , will not receive more compensation .

All whiplash claims will be treated in the same application as the accident itself , so just a claim form part of its policy of damages and injuries covered by the statement of one.
Answer2ErinAnswered at 2011-12-27 20:01:57
Any passenger in his car who is injured may file an injury claim on your insurance policy. Your insurance premiums may go up based on the total amount paid by this accident, which would include vehicle damage and injuries EACH.

Now, to your friends to claim whiplash , which will have to prove they have whiplash from the accident. They should seek medical treatment and doctor medical reports state the type of injury suffered, and how they were injured.

So if you are claiming whiplash and if they have not had any medical treatment , are not eligible for any agreement. But only your insurance company can make a decision if, in fact , they did suffer an injury and if they think they are not injured, will not pay a penny .

good luck
Answer3disk_ckAnswered at 2011-12-27 21:22:03
If you have a complaint , the insurance will go up. You may contact your insurance company claims department that claims are fraudulent.
Answer4halvesAnswered at 2011-12-27 22:06:52
Keep the texts, and tell your insurance company are trying to claim fraudulently. If you accept the payment , who has accepted a bribe and besically helped / encouraged fraud. His fellow idiot not worth it to get tangled in the process of possible fraud (in the worst case , but not impossible at all) .
Answer5BerAnswered at 2011-12-29 00:19:49
Insurance fraud is insurance fraud ..... Not only will your insurance could go up, but if you and are caught, will struggle to get car insurance in the coming years .... A big risk for a couple of dollars .....
Answer6MandyAnswered at 2011-12-31 01:42:35
Whiplash usually occurs in a rear collision .
These are usually the fault of the car behind the one in which the victims were traveling whiplash.
If the accident was your fault , I suspect that they were hit from behind by another vehicle , so whiplash is highly unlikely.
Your insurance company will very soon discover that these claims are fraudulent, and is likely to try to prosecute their friends. They do not help them. I would advise not to claim, but claims have already started it is probably too late, and have already started on the road to a hearing before the court for fraud.
Answer7DaisyAnswered at 2012-01-04 23:32:22
Why contest his injuries ? Depends on the insurance company does , with the TE.
Why not say , you acknowledge that the accident was your fault, your insurance cost may go up, but they claim it will not make a difference as you are claiming for damage to your car.
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