If your return a rental car back early do you get some money back ? related questions

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If your return a rental car back early do you get some money back ?1Enoc2012-05-02 11:55:37
say they rented for 3 days n returned it in 2 days ... im renting from the company
Can you return your title and get your money back?1Felix2012-04-22 07:50:52
So I registered my car in the DMV and the car I bought and had the title and registration, so I had to put my name, but I bought a new title and all for like $ 126 then I expect this car already has all that all I had to do was put under my name ... So I bought it and all I'm asking is can return it and only have the same title as the car comes with already? And get my money ?
Can I return a car to the dealership and get my full money back?9 Love `` tiank , Percent, 2012-06-09 01:41:55
I bought a brand new (2008) Kia Rio from a dealer just a few hours ago , but I do not want it (long story ). It has a warranty and everything. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that , I just do not like. ¿ I can "return" to the dealership without losing money ? I decided on a payment plan of financing. Thank you !
What does money back mean (ebay return policy)?0Suzanne2012-05-22 22:42:03
just got a difference , my first . My eBay return policy of the United . - Refund will be given as: Money Back - Return shipping will be paid by : buyer the buyer is requesting a full refund. does not mean that the policy to reimburse the price + shipping , or just to the article?
I have lic policy 3yrs back,wishing to turn off policy,my pre is 18892 half yrly,how much return i get back?3Danny2012-08-10 00:05:02
I have 3 years of public policy back , hoping to disable the policy , my pre is 18892 yrly average, how much I get back?
How is kotek money back plan and why.IS THERE ANY OTHER better MONEY BACK Plan of any insurance company?3Hema_Malini 2012-07-18 02:47:02
Plz do not ask questions such as why U Want It or someone who depends on u, so plz just answer the question asked d . Thank you.
Can get my driving licence back early?5Stephanie2012-05-12 17:01:25
i was caught driving without insurance had run out a couple of weeks ago and I realized I missed the court date I thought he would get six points for it, so I continued to drive then was arrested a few days later and was made for driving while banned , I have 8 months the ban, which I have served 5 months.
Can get my driving licence back early?3 D ﹑ ior__ Yan -2011-12-21 11:39:29
How much will I get back on my tax return?0tegzy2012-07-28 08:20:02
I am married with a son. We have a house to pay about $ 950 in interest per month and $ 500 in a year in property taxes . Do not pay mtg insurance. We have also purchased a hybrid Honda Civic. Total revenues , excluding decuctions will be around 45k 40k at most.
Ways to get your license back early from a suspenion?0Hell's Sabre 2012-01-12 13:41:46
I had my license suspended for one year bc I have a driver's license without ticket bc i forgot to pay a dollar 28 restore fee, signed guilty and pay the fine by mail I received a letter in the mail weeks later, saying his suspension for one year and I can not appeal their status bc more than 30 days and I need my license to my work all you can retrieve it through a class or why not?
If i withdraw my 100k life insurance early how much should get back?0Meroy2012-08-06 00:08:03
LIC Money back policy, how i get the first money back?0 Dear Tak. flowery -2012-05-30 01:03:00
The public policy of new money , how I can get the money back first ?

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