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When do my points clear?2CONVENTION 2012-06-12 17:18:20
right on 24 April 2009 (date of incident) from a moped incident i got 6 points IN10 - driving without insurance . That was my provisional license, and I just passed my driving test and have received my full driver's license in the UK! what happens to my points on my provisional ? Also if you go to my full UK when I'm able to get insurance without having 0 points ?
How long does it take three points to clear off license?0Dolphin2011-12-28 20:18:50
How long does it take three points to clear the license?
I have 9 points in my license how many years to be clear?0Benton2012-06-22 21:13:10
I have 9 points just wonder how many years will my license be
Would changing my address clear the points off my license?16Shorty 2012-09-04 00:18:02
instead of paying for my point of making my license if I changed my address is going to remain on my license when I get it back
Does insurance go up if you get a speeding ticket without points or does the increased rate depend on points0sheep2011-12-26 22:33:34
Do you have insurance if you get a speeding, no points or increasing the frequency depends on the points
Will a speeding ticket with no points 5 mph on expressway still carry insurance points from a carrier1ABBIE 2012-01-18 08:21:45
Will a speeding ticket , no points 5 mph on the highway are still points of an insurance company
Car Insurance. Declaring points/convictions after points expire on licence?1Canny2011-12-20 12:16:59
Car Insurance. Declaring points/convictions after points expire on licence?3Burnel2012-04-10 11:04:07
Hello I am about to secure a car, but I have traffic violations that the date of the offense is 04 March and will enter next month of my license, which will be of four years from the date of the offense and the codes of infringement is elligible to be removed next month. My question if I wait a month to get the policy after getting eliminated points could not declare the points to the insurance company, even if it is asking for 5 years ? Since my license is clean in the case of a claim that could invalidate my insurance for not disclosing these points? Is there any way you can find that these points were here before and act accordingly? Offense codes are IN10 and 30 um ( driving without insurance and a bald tire ) stupid I know, but I learned my lesson!
What's the difference between license points and insurance driver points?0Jacqueline2012-01-04 11:36:10
after an accident , my insurance draft . I took three points and I raised $ 460 . was my first accident.
I had 6 points in my first 2 years of driving do them points get taken off now i passed my test again?6Charlie2012-04-20 07:59:48
I had 6 points in the first 2 years of driving and my license was revoked. Now that I've passed my test new centers to remain on the license or to be kept there?
When you pay off your car and get a clear title?0Judith2012-05-09 23:17:42
that you keep the dealers under the contract and support lein paperwork or what you throw away
When i will clear my ca profession?0Michaelia2012-01-24 20:18:36
When I clean my profession ca ?

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