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Copywrite Issues for old Seattle Sonic Issues?0Burdette2012-05-19 13:29:08
I was wondering if anyone knows how I can find the person who has to write the copy for the logo of the former Seattle Supersonics '? ? The one with the Seattle skyline in the back.
Car helppp???? idk anything about cars?2Page2012-06-06 15:05:52
So I went to go help one of the members of my family with his car and went as a co- signer and has even told dealers that have come as a co -signer and I signed the papers and was home the car ended up on my behalf as fully in my name. And I've been telling my family members (his cousins) to put the car in his name and told me that the will and has been 5 months and still have not done anything . Do not put the insurance in my name or anything. and have taken all the registration papers from me and every role I got, and I have curiosity why are not and all you have an argument about it everyone calls me crazy and idk why! Please help idk anything about cars , what should I do?
Has any one taken drivers ed online? helppp, please (:?1Felicial2012-02-29 21:28:59
hii (: , so I have 15 years and I want to get my permit / restricted. I live in Florida for its legal system. and idk how works: . |. I'v said the cheapest and most educated . But after clicking in my state , idk what to do next . I just want my permission. And what is the demo of the course? uf is so frustrating -_______ - Help? please, and Ty (:
Helppp ! please this is a hard decission /:?0Jonesy2012-05-07 17:28:38
I live w / my mother and in two weeks that are moving to Tijuana but I do not knw whether to move w / my dad I've been living w / my mom. But visit 'em and I see myself away frm him or my mom. Love them so much I do not knw if I should stay w / my dad or leave w / my mom. It's hard to say goodbye to them.
Car Insurance Issue's? HELPPP!?0Alden2012-03-18 19:22:10
I lost my job , so I could not pay my car insurance for 3 months. Then he expired my license was also suspended due to the absence :/ auto insurance. But now I'm back on my feet and I get my license reinstated and get car insurance again. I know how I can do that ? And do I have to pay the amount owed ​​to my company car or other insurance I can go to another and not pay ? PLEASE HELP ME!
Driving test tomorrow?! helppp?3Chal2012-07-24 22:43:02
Okay so I failed my driving test first time at an intersection , I could not see well because there was a large truck on the side .... And I went to fast in the car park of the test ... My nerves kicked me in thinlk ! Omg I neeed to spend so bad - any last minute advice ? ! Thanks guys xxxxx
Work experience outfits?!??? Helppp?0darion2012-07-18 10:23:02
Ive got to go to a week of work experience in a health insurance on Monday and idk what to wear / / / ::: You told me what kind of business savvy office wear , but I know some people in the school going to and I really do not want to dress like a lady of the old office .. What kind of staple items like shoes should I be looking ? And what are some ideas that are stylish suit appropriate workplace ?
Car insurance group table in the UK? please helppp :)?1Tired â¿´ s. -2012-01-09 06:50:21
Car insurance group table in the UK? helppp please:) ?
HELPPP PHONE FELL IN TOILET.?0nyaja2012-09-30 05:01:02
right basically last night my samsung galaxy s3 fell in the toilet and pulled down and the light would go out , then back off and took the battery and wiped everything down , and then set aside overnight , then I woke up when I put it back together , but my camera on the front and rear all blurded with water as it should be deleted to be fine but I can not just open the phone and headset slot is making small crackling noises and I do not know do not I have insurance on it and is a contract phone , thankyouuu
Helppp i know some of the answers but i just wanna be correct?3Mike Homework Help2017-07-26 19:12:05
Alcohol changes your ability to respond to emergency situations . MedlinePlus a) true MedlinePlus b ) false MedlinePlus The least dangerous sedative multiple use is the additive factor MedlinePlus a) true MedlinePlus b ) false MedlinePlus Hallucinogens are a type of drug that causes distortion of the drivers______ . MedlinePlus a) the mood MedlinePlus b) the reaction time slows MedlinePlus c ) The causes of the lack of coordination MedlinePlus d ) all of the above . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 99.1% of all crashes are due to operator error . MedlinePlus a) true MedlinePlus b ) false MedlinePlus Defense mechanisms such as denial and sabotage decisions to stop repression MedlinePlus a) true MedlinePlus b ) false MedlinePlus The positive aspects of stress are_______ . MedlinePlus a) flavor b ) The challenge MedlinePlus c ) the opportunity to MedlinePlus d ) all of the above MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Your driving privilege will be revoked least____ years if you kill someone . MedlinePlus a) four MedlinePlus b ) three MedlinePlus c ) two MedlinePlus d) a MedlinePlus liver
AUTO INSURANCE SERIOUS HELPPP NEEDED ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!?1salamander, triton, newt2012-06-19 03:38:16
Therefore, At first I was 100% at fault accident . None of the insurance companies were sitting with that, and I was getting dangerously high appointments , just because of this accident , especially considering that rates were much better years ago. So I was disappointed my adjuster, and run around Toronto only to some agreement with this form , because I do not feel , at least, that I was to blame ... or totally lacking, to say the least . So anyway, after two months to make a turn around, I called my adjuster today, after sending the police report , and she said, "based on this, I do not know who is telling the truth, so I'll change the status of 50-50 " so now, I'm just part of the blame for the accident. Does this help my future appointments for insurance ? Does this look better on my files ? and ... How much cheaper will now be my appointments ? I really need your help, guys! Thank you, appreciated.
US history 2 final exam review pls helppp!!!!!?0shako2012-07-12 12:47:02
1) A law in Tennessee that prohibited the teaching of evolution has been tried as a science teacher taught evolution , a direct violation . The trial, known as the __________________________________ prosecutors ended up making a fool of , even though the teacher was found guilty 2) The 18 th Amendment which prohibited the sale of alcohol instituted the ban. This amendment was repealed: . ___________________ 3) During the Great Depression, many governors and even FDR attempts to prevent bank runs by declaring _________________________, intended to calm the public and give the system a break. The law that established this was the Law of _________________________________________. 4) A form of unemployment and disability insurance introduced during the Great Depression and is still here. __________________________________ 5) Franklin Delano Roosevelt tried to expand the powers of the president for his introduction of ____________________________________________. It ended up being his only real mistake in his first term. 6) The fascist party can be found in these two countries of the Axis. _______________ And _________________ 7) ________________________, or Night of Broken Glass , was a night of violence against Jews as the laws and restrictions on Jews in Germany grew more imposing . 8) __________________ The Conference was called especially for the Nazi leaders to plan for _______________________________ to know what to do with the Jews. 9) The _________ ? -___________ Act allowed the U.S. to evade the neutrality laws of the previous years and obtain weapons to Britain but the British have to pay in cash. 10) The Royal Air Force

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