If i gave a fake insurance to the dmv in the state of california do i go to jail;? related questions

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If i gave a fake insurance to the dmv in the state of california do i go to jail;?6Luthe2012-05-21 10:31:07
If I got an insurance fraud to the DMV in California , I can go to jail ?
Got hit by another car but he gave me a fake insurance card. what can i do?20Akron Oh2018-11-22 00:33:09
I have your VIN number . If I find the paper plate I can do anything . I think this guy was an immigrant
Am I goin or can I go to jail for this(co state laws)?0ladiipassion2012-07-13 19:09:02
I'm waiting to go to court and I have this charges against me 1-careless driving 2-driving without insurance 3-driving with a learner's permit(18+) without a instructor(adult 21+ with a valid DL) And I got 11 points direct to my driving record 4 of each of the 2 first and 3 for the last one
Will i go to jail for old unpaid traffic tickets in a different state?0Nichoel2012-08-28 15:06:02
5 years ago I was arrested for speeding , had no license , no insurance and no seatbelt no registration . i never went to court and now I have moved to Florida . What are my chances of ever getting a driver's license back ? I will go to jail in Florida for traffic tickets in New Mexico ? Is it removed the record for some time if I stop ? What should I do ?
Can i go to jail for not turnig my car back in to the car lot and not making any payments in the state of indi?0~Latina~ 2012-05-30 22:04:11
¿ I can go to jail for not turnig my car back in the car lot and not make any payments in the state of Indiana?
Under Colorado state laws can I go to jail or do community service for this charges?0Edwar2012-07-09 18:48:02
1 - careless driving 2 - driving without insurance 3 - driving with a learner's permit ( over 18) but driving without an instructor (for adults 21 + , valid dl ) I lost 11 points and I have to go to court
Hypothetical question about using a fake driver license (state vs. federal crime; please see details)?0kyra2012-10-31 05:15:05
Say I'm in Texas . Let's say I have a social security card (mine , not false ) . Say you buy health insurance , and the insurance company and its offices are in Texas . Say I have a driver's license but fully functional fake can happen even a police check . Say I use this driver's license as identification to obtain health insurance . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is this a state or federal crime ? Also, what would be the official name of this specific crime , that I find the statute of limitations ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus (I'm not in the above situation , nor will I in the future. This is a purely hypothetical question asked of literary effects . )
Can an insurance company state a person gave them a verbal OK to a settlement with out any proof of it?1Japanese is the husband 2012-08-10 20:26:02
An insurance agent , my lawyer said brotherer he made a verbal agreement. But nevertheless, he has no telephone recording of it. My brother is only requested the document with the amount of it to give an attorney to review before he would agree to anything. He did not believe the amount of the settlement price . Can an insurance company claiming a verbal agreement without any evidence other than your word against the person?
I was rearended ,my car was totalled,insurance co gave me a rental,gave me till monday on it,but ive been unab?2) ã„£ Ni real estate 2012-06-19 09:56:32
I was beaten from behind by a driver last week was going 45 mph, my car was the driver was totally totalled.the blame.her coinsurance paid rent for the night .. Fri gave them my title to my car and gave me a check for the car and told me to return the rental.when explained that they have no other means of transport, said it would be good and gives me to have canceled all monday.i plans and have done nothing , but looked long weekend , we still find nothing.i listening is because their tax time.all trash I have found is that my car wasnt.is there a way to keep the rent up I can find the decent thing , or I'll have to return Tomm as they said, and then be abandoned?
In the state of California ,do I need to change the Address on my Vehicle Title when moving within the state?1Helen2012-06-19 14:13:57
After moving to the 6 months I 've noticed that my address vehicle's title is from my old address , What I have to get a degree corrected with my new address. If so , how should I proceed?
In the state of California...?2Islamabad2012-07-09 08:55:02
is obliged by law to have a front license plate on your vehicle ?
Can a 17 year old own a car in the state of california?5Gabriel2012-05-01 02:01:35
self explanatory

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