If an outside contractor working for me has an accident in there own car while working for me am i liable? related questions

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If an outside contractor working for me has an accident in there own car while working for me am i liable?5-SummeR2012-05-22 15:58:27
If an outside contractor working for me have an accident in which own car while working for me Am I responsible ?
I just started working as an independent contractor/sole proprietor and buy my own health insurance.?3??2012-10-27 19:24:03
It is my understanding that I may be able to include the cost of insurance as a business expense , if I have to pay for it as part of my business. Not incorporated or anything like that - I just work on my own as a consultant with my computer , phone and my brain. I can use my Social Security number as my tax id I am confused by what it means to cover my business - I am " my business " and only pay for things as I have always . Thanks for the help.
Are there life insurance companys that will cover me in Iraq working as a private contractor? And if yes, Who?3 ⿴ 尛 President Sister: Female ↗ 47 -2012-08-05 10:24:03
Is there life insurance companies that I cover in Iraq working as a private contractor ? And if so , who?
Does a job site supervisor working for a general contractor need workmens compensation insurance1que-3席 ≥2012-05-01 19:38:49
A workplace supervisor who worked for a general contractor needs a Workmens compensation insurance
Can i hire a contractor to begin working on my burned home before a insurance adjuster come out?1Shiva2012-08-30 10:10:04
I crashed my car while using it to transport food for the production I was working on. Are they liable?1Leona2012-06-22 15:07:51
I was told I signed the transfer of responsibility in the note agreement I signed when I got to the movie, but I do not think that kind of responsibility can be assigned in each other easily.
Working with insurance after an accident?0itumeleng2012-10-19 12:45:04
I'm working on getting our ducks in a row here - MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My husband was involved in a car accident yesterday significant (lady pulled directly into his path as he was approx. 45 mph). Police have said that another unit was cited and 100% at fault. My husband suffered relatively minor injuries and is recovering at home. We'll contact a surgeon tomorrow. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus His truck was - just no possible way that will repair this. I'm not so concerned about resolving the insurance company of the vehicle (worth about $ 10,000.) - I'm more concerned about all the annoying issues, as my husband is out of work for a while, the glasses were broken, I'm taking off work today because we have young children and is not fit to safely care for them - it's just minor roll that is annoying me now. MedlinePlus Not desirable that we should be "damaged" because this idiot pulled out in front of him. It is a notoriously dangerous intersection - I almost feel that the state should be responsible damn all, because they know this is a bad place for the accident - Two people died there less than a month! Police at the scene told me to go there at least once a week for some kind of accident. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So, I guess my question is ....... What do we do now? We notified our insurance company - so it's just wait and see until the insurance company tells us what to do MedlinePlus? MedlinePlus We do not want to "sue" anyone - not our goal - we want the value of our truck, medical expenses, lost wages, and new glasses. I'm terrified that we'll end up in a huge pissing contest with the insurance company ..... can this be avoided?
While working I had an auto accident at which I was at fault for.?1sanjana2012-09-25 11:04:03
I had a car accident at work, and hit a car in the city now , the carrier wants to pay $ 15,000 for loss of vehicle use . The company I worked for the insurance company paid to repair the car in the city, but has not paid the 15k. I am unemployed and about $ 17,000 in debt. What are my options. Should I declare bankruptcy ? Do I have to pay $ 100 a month for 12 years and a half? ? ? I am really puzzled.
I got laid off work right after an accident that happened while working. what to do?0Breire2012-07-14 05:18:02
I left my former employer plans to work immediately after a car accident, which occurred while on the clock , instead of sending me to a doctor. I have an accident attorney to help pay for my therapy sessions with the opening of a claim against the insurer of the guilty man . I have collected disability insurance by the State ........ all my former employer suddenly decides to open a claim for workers' compensation without notifying me at all .... so the department of disability. I stopped thinking claim that I'm trying to defraud . and tells me I've been collecting workers' compensation . i have not collected a penny or received a call from workers' compensation . WHAT SHOULD I DO? ? I have no money now thanks to my former employer .
I was injured in a car accident while working for a new company. am i covered?0veena2012-09-22 22:32:02
that was in another state , in a rental car - single vehicle accident . I did not know that the company had declined the extra insurance , but I have no car insurance. I had only been working with them for about a month , and have decided not to work for them anymore . Am I covered medically for them?
Can I sue my previous employer for a car accident injury that occured while I was working?0Melsissa2012-08-17 11:55:02
About a year and a half ago , I got into a car accident to work as a security guard in a company vehicle . I had accidentally beaten parked car customers in the company vehicle on the property while I was working. I did not realize he had been injured until later. The security company that was working for me held responsible for a percentage of the damages. Also took my time and made me sign this paper saying that I owed ​​them money. Eventually I took the last paycheck after quitting. A few months later I realized that the accident had caused an injury between the neck and back. I experience frequent pain and discomfort due to this injury . I'm trying to get health insurance so I can go to a chiropractor. Is it still possible to sue my former employer as a result of this injury? When the accident of my employer does not provide medical assistance to me so that I could be tested for any injury.
What do you do when you are working and you get in an accident in your vehicle and your insurance company says they won't cover it1Coral2012-08-06 17:15:01
What do you do when you're working and you get in an accident in your vehicle and your insurance company says that is not covered

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