How do I find the claim number on the salvage car title I just bought? related questions

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How do I find the claim number on the salvage car title I just bought?0Olga2012-03-15 19:43:04
I bought a car savalge title and register my name , I need the number of claims for the accident was in. The problem is that I have problems to contact the original owner and number no longer works. The DMV said the only thing I need is the claim number for my name (I have signed papers and everything, and the title) is there any place (such as a courthouse, county records , etc.) that can look at the number of claims as to technically have anything else? could somehow use the information on the title above to find records ? thanks
In california i bought a car te find out title is salvage can i sue?3Anastasia2012-05-12 18:19:12
The name of the person who sold it to me was not even in the title is transferred from the original owner. Title inspected and signed a sales contract that states he is. What carfaxed later and saw his rescue. Call the seller knew it was not really rescue so they were scammed and the person named in the title. I can not get my money from them. My lawyer tells me I can have 15 days to return . But I do not know. ¿ I can sue the seller, whose name was not on the title?
I bought a car with salvage title and can I go back to the person I bought it from (private buy)?9Cornel2012-07-30 01:53:57
I bought a car with salvage title and I can go back to the person who bought it ( private purchase )?
I bought a car with a salvage title, will I have problems registering this car?8Mildred2012-07-09 12:06:02
I recently purchased a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire from a dealer. I had to return to pick up the title because they had to do something with it at the DMV. When I returned a few days to get the title, said that " rebuilt salvage " on it. Will I have problems of titling and registration of this car ? Will I have to do anything special in order to register the car?
I bought a car, the title says "previously recorded as salvage" what exactly does that mean?1:そ -2012-05-07 21:55:07
Does that mean that at some point in this life , cars that had a salvage title ? I'm just trying to make sure I can take this car titled in my name without an inspection. As of now there is no significant damage to the car.
Am i going to have trouble if i bought a motorcycle with a salvage title?1Furqan2012-08-20 10:44:02
I'm having problems in getting the plates or getting my driver's license of the bike ? Will I be able to get and the insurance company to accept my motorcycle?
How can I register a car bought without title in a salvage yard?3Xaviera2012-05-08 15:55:14
I live in New York and I'm thinking of buying a VW Beetle 1968 from a junkyard without a title. I've heard I can get a salvage title for it with a bill of sale of the salvage yard , but I can enroll you drive it, or I have to do to get it legally on the road. Is there a way to get a rebuilt title or something?
I bought a car from a guy in Arkansas with a salvage title. It was repaired in 08.?1George2012-04-24 01:38:26
I live in New York and not have to get int the title is a title when you bought it rebuilt . How I can go on the title of my vehicle? PS The guy who bought it actually bought the car from the lady who repair, got it last August.
I bought a car from California with a salvage title. How do I get it titled in Illinois?0Jare2012-01-17 19:59:06
I bought a car in California with a salvage title. How I can get the title in Illinois?
I recently bought a car with a salvage title, from a third party, now the NJ MVC, want pics after the accident?0 'Suanming guy 冭. Female -2012-09-19 18:34:03
or an insurance damage report in order to pass inspection, they have no idea what kind of insurance or insurance company so this car has at the time of the accident , my question is: how I can get the photos or name and insurance policy at the time of the accident . ? ? ? ? pleas help ...
We bought our totaled car but it was easily fixed and runs How do we know if it will have a salvage title?2Bangladesh2012-01-20 06:41:41
Does the car need a bailout tiltle by law? The insurance company will return it to us .
Bought a car has a salvage title but seller can't produce paperwork can i get my money back?1Japan_Tokyo2012-07-30 06:15:03
He bought a car has a salvage title , but the seller can not produce papers I can get my money ?

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