If i obtain general liability insurance for snow plowing does the vehicle have to be a commercial vehicle plates and insurance related questions

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If i obtain general liability insurance for snow plowing does the vehicle have to be a commercial vehicle plates and insurance1Cherry2012-03-20 04:04:36
If I can get liability insurance to plow the snow makes the vehicle must be a commercial vehicle registrations and insurance
Can you get insurance on a vehicle that is only for farm use such as plowing snow and hauling wood1Genevieve2012-04-30 13:48:29
Can you get insurance on a vehicle that is only for agricultural use, such as removing snow and transporting timber
I lend my vehicle to a friend. They obtain full coverage but reg is in my name. Is my liability protected?4Alexande2012-10-02 23:30:02
This is the scenario . I lend my car to a third party. They get insurance coverage against all risks of the vehicle , however , legal ownership , ie , the record remains in my name. In the case of bodily injury or property damage caused by this other person in my vehicle, it is my responsibility to protect? Insurance professionals or the law please.
Is there a special kind of insurance you need for your trucks if you are starting a snow plowing business in Minnesota0Whispering if the dependency 2012-03-03 15:05:09
Is there a special type of insurance you need for your truck , if you are starting a snow plowing business in Minnesota
Will liability insurance pay for company property in a private vehicle if the vehicle is destroyed by fire1DET 2012-04-30 01:42:01
Does pay for liability insurance company owned by private vehicle if the vehicle is destroyed by fire
Motor vehicle accidents related to snow, who is liable?3aranza 2012-04-28 02:59:25
Does govermnet / city / highway department / etc ... be liable under any circumstances, for a traffic accident occurring on a road that is supposed to plow , assuming that the accident was purely related to snow , and not related to DUI, speeding , or anything like that. any case law related to this?
If you have liability insurance only in a no-fault state and you were rear-ended and vehicle totalled who pays for the replacement or repair of the vehicle2SOY LOCO 2012-04-25 03:43:03
If you have only liability insurance in a state that they were blameless and rear -ended and totaled vehicles who pay for the replacement or repair of the vehicle
Commercial vehicle insurance vs. private: do I count as a commercial driver?1Thailand2012-06-30 19:41:47
I work as a case manager for a nonprofit agency , most of my job to get clients to appointments, the grocery store , etc. On my insurance policy , he asks if I use my vehicle for the "use trade "which the following are examples of such as delivering pizza , taxi / limousine services, etc. Now, I know I have to consult my company to see if they offer liability coverage through the agency ( probably not) , but I have to ask: - In the opinion of people anyway YA, you consider my work to be covered by the term " commercial ? " - What is the difference, in general, insurance, commercial and private vehicles ? Trade is more expensive? I can not pay more, this is ridiculous.
What does Commercial General Liability cover?0Cathie2012-10-05 07:15:05
I am in a cleaning business. One of my customers requested a special cleaning for their windows which has calcium deposits/stains on their windows. We went ahead with normal cleaning procedure but made ugly scratches on the windows. Turns out, the windows were tinted with anti-graffiti films and we were not aware of that. Some of the cleaning material we used were a bit abrasive and that caused scratches. These materials would not have made such scratches on windows that are not tinted. The customer gave us a quote for replacement of the graffiti film. I carry a commercial general liability coverage. I understand that the insurance company has the final say as to whether the coverage would cover this damage. But I want to know if this type of accidents are generally covered by the general liability insurance. Thanks.
Commercial event general liability insurance?0kim smith2012-10-07 01:15:04
I'm planning a simple fund raiser for a non-profit at a public park. Games, booths, music, and food vendors will be the even in a very small section of the park. We are applying for a permit and it says that we need commercial event general liability insurance. We really highly doubt that anything to bad could happen I mean maybe a booth could fall over onto a little kid or something but, nothing worse. We were just wondering what the cheapest form of this insurance we could get for a one time event. We mean cheap remember it is a fund raiser for small non-profit youth group!
Cost of Commercial General Liability Insurance and others for Employers?0L.A2012-09-11 18:15:05
Hello , MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I work in IT for a small company (75 employees ) . I often go to places in my client projects. I wonder , how much do the following for an employer. Do dependednt on the number of employees or the number of hours each employee works etc ? MedlinePlus I would like for the following costs ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Liability - $ 1,000,000 MedlinePlus Commercial General Liability - $ 5,000,000 MedlinePlus Capacity Automotive - $ 1,000,000 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
What does 1 million Commercial General Liability Insurance cost0Algerno2011-12-14 12:44:35

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