I registered to vote at my school on the last day of registration but i didn't receive anything in the mail? related questions

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I registered to vote at my school on the last day of registration but i didn't receive anything in the mail?3'Early spring cover 2012-05-01 09:07:50
I registered to vote at my school on the last day of registration, but have not received anything in the mail?
I didn't receive a notice in the mail about my vehicle registration, now my tags have expired. Help!?0.X ° 2012-06-17 13:45:02
I just noticed that my vehicle registration tags have expired. I didn't receive anything in the mail to renew them, what should I do?
When you receive an auto loan do you receive cash that you may use towards insurance and registration0Alsto2012-03-10 08:37:52
When you get an auto loan does not receive cash that you can use the insurance and registration
What do yo do when a company says they didnt receive payment?0Hell's Sabre 2012-07-27 21:36:00
Mailed a check for my car insurance , you receive a notice today that they never received payment and will cancel . Never had to come to this - I imagine they hear this as an excuse all the time. What is the best way to proceed . Do I need my bank cancel the check?
Anthem refuses to pay saying need proof had insurance before are given multiple fax keep saying didnt receive it what next0Flo's in love with Kevin!!!!! 2012-03-06 11:04:38
Anthem refuses to pay saying that I needed proof of insurance before you give fax number saying I do not get the following
If i receive a letter from a insurance company claiming that i hit someone but i didnt what would happen?0Hellga2012-07-13 18:01:03
Any way to receive car title in california other than through the mail?0Delia2012-05-23 03:19:49
I recently just paid my car loan so that my son could have the car ownership . It must be the owner to get his license, but going to college before the title is expected to be here through email. Is there any way I could get the title through other means than email . Could I pick the DMV in California since the securities are in electronic format?
I send my dvla photo card licence for the changing of address before 2 weeks ago.but I didnt receive my new dv?1copperhead2012-06-24 21:16:09
But I have not received my new license from DVLA photo card to now.what now.guide I do please?
Recently paid of my car in MD, sent for the title in the mail. How long will it take to receive it ?7Bonnie2018-02-05 08:18:39
Ive just sent all the information you some money in the mail for the title. I hope it's faster than most things in the MVA ago
How long does it take to receive a front license plate in the mail from the DMV?1Isa2012-08-13 05:59:36
I have a learner's permit. I was driving with my mom in the passenger seat in a fairly empty street when a police car stopped us. He said he took me for not having a front license plate on the car. I have some weird ticket that says you will not receive any penalty if I have a new faceplate license within two months and shows an officer. Also do not have to appear in court. I remember my father to go to DMV and get a new faceplate license, as every other day, but he decided to postpone the case until a month before the deadline to do something about it. It leads me to the office of his lawyer because he wants to challenge the ticket, which I think is quite stupid because it is unquestionable. Well, the lawyer tells you straight up what I told you and scold me for wasting your time ... When he got the stupid idea of ​​my father all the time. So three weeks before the deadline of my dad going to the dealer to ask if you can put a front license plate on it because they believe that this car can not have a front license plate. Of course, I told you a thousand times that you can put a front plate on any car. People say you can have a dealer plate and if you put in us. So my problem is my father has not even gone to the DMV yet to get a new plate. Also do not know how long it takes to deliver a front plate of my house. I fear that if we do the time, I'll get my learner's permit period increased by six months or so. What is the penalty for getting a ticket for a permit? I have only two weeks remaining before the deadline. I was hoping to get my license in October, but I'm pretty sure it will not happen because of my father "I will not give in to the racist police" attitude (we are from Asia). Why do I have the ticket when it was clearly the fault of my father not to put a plate in the first place. How is it just caught me with a problem that was not even aware that my mom and my dad has been around for years without faceplates? Also If I tell my dad that I did something wrong, he gets very angry and pointing his finger at me. That's why we remember him only every two days instead of one, in a very unaccusing. I'm done venting, but please give me some information about the delivery time and penalties if they do not make the deadline.
How much would it cost to ship a 5K ring US registered mail?0Adi2012-08-11 04:23:02
I want a safe 5K and mail to be sent within the U.S. by the USPS. The package will be less than one pound. What is this?
Obama has lost about half of the black vote now with the gay issue.Will Romney give us a reason to vote for em?0deeezz nutzzz 2012-10-12 16:26:05
Romney has to talk about something more than the defecit to get my vote . What can you do to help ? Student loans ? Insurance ? Energy? Childcare ? etc. etc. He is only for the rich ! MedlinePlus Unemployment among blacks has always been high because many people leave high school .. but not me .. Many of us are in broken homes mid lower middle class. 30 - 80k .. What is the agenda for Romney .. and do not say get more jobs because those are never again .. I have to use noodles ole these days ...

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