I Just Hit A Parked Car At WalMart!! HELP!!!?

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Asked at 2011-12-24 18:02:58
About 30 minutes I stopped at my local Wal- Mart and go to the park. I'm driving very slowly and as I turn into the parking space I saw the car right next to me moved. Then I realize I hit the car . So back up and see a huge ( and not huge but it looks great, as I did) dent in the side of it . So me being very nervous and scared i car and go home. We remember only a few people around, but I think they saw they were putting their groceries in their cars. I have a van that there was no damage to my car , but I am still afraid . You are the first people ive said. Afraid to tell anyone else becaue I just got my car 3 weeks and I'm only 17 , that is, my insurance rates for mothers Im going to rise. Please help !
Answer1Chopsticks Answered at 2011-12-24 18:06:09
Within hits "is what it sounds like to me ... but I should have been there and waited for the person back to his car and apologize and hope you will forgive and just make you pay to fix it, but what the dumbest thing to ward off cousin that is illegal , but you know its more than what can be done right? my advice is to tell ur mom but she's calm not angry all the time, then with calmly explain that you will understand , then you do not want to raise rates will probably be dire and to try to
Answer2BoriAnswered at 2011-12-24 19:19:39
Probably sounds like a bad thing to do, but if you do not want to hurt anyone just drive / walk. Sounds bad, but obviously I can not afford the additional costs if your
Answer3LauraAnswered at 2011-12-25 04:13:16
And he decided to go directly to Yahoo and tell everyone , instead of looking to call your mom?
They move , if I would believe , because you do not, you know that's a hit and run ?
If this is true, you are in a more serious problem than your mother's insurance is increasing.
Answer4BingAnswered at 2011-12-25 21:31:40
Congratulations, you committed the crime of a hit and run .

If only one person got your license plate ( and. . .. WALMART their time) can be expected of a police officer to appear at your door in 24 to 48 hours.

Then , will face criminal charges hit and run and I have to go to court to her and they have crime on his record.

Was it worth it ? Please .. no matter how scared you are .. they just do not leave the scene of an accident. How can you be selfish? Only someones property damage and are more concerned about yoruself then ? What if you work for years and years to get the car ?

But do not worry .. You get what you deserve.
Answer5DickAnswered at 2011-12-25 22:19:07
Do not be so sure that no one looked like there were people who could have received their badges and gave it to the owner. Or that could have been recorded by security cameras . What to do would be to leave a note , because if someone saw him and plates, which can be reported for hit and run .
Answer6DaviAnswered at 2011-12-26 00:44:45
If I were you I would contact the police at this time and report me .
Answer7HoldaAnswered at 2011-12-26 01:24:54
Most Wal -Mart have cameras in parking lots. When the person is hit Nick , they will inform the police , the police will look at the security tapes . Expect to be contacted. What he did is called "hit a career" and is illegal.

Yes, your mother's insurance will pay for the damage done , and their rates may go up as a result, and you get a ticket for hit and run , sometimes called " leaving the scene of an accident."

Go to do things right , starting with the mother.
Answer8PhilippinesAnswered at 2011-12-26 13:47:15
Go back and leave a note. How much more angry that her mom when you lose your license and your mother loses her car, as did a hit and run? If you are not old enough to be responsible for their mistakes who are not old enough to be driving.
Answer9MerlAnswered at 2011-12-26 21:05:41
if nobody knows her well . Now moms a different matter. tell someone to hit, but there was no plaque. nothing to do. or if you have the money and the guts to tell the truth and pay for it. everyone makes mistakes so do not call accendents
Answer10cool guy Answered at 2011-12-26 23:42:49
I just found a hole in the side of my car, I'll go to Walmart to review the security tapes now.

PS -Stop falling asleep in English class , grammar as bright as you do.
Answer11NoeAnswered at 2011-12-27 00:59:26
You do not sound like you're responsible enough to drive a car . You care about yourself and the costs to you . And the poor guy the cream , which will pay for damage to her . I hope you caught on surveillance cameras and come after you. Then, at the age of being able to take your license on top of it.
Answer12AdolphaAnswered at 2011-12-27 21:13:27
They have cameras in the parking lot and can tell the police your plate ... # You should have just left a note with your name, phone number, and insurance information .
Answer13AlvinAnswered at 2011-12-27 23:12:39
If the car owner who has requested assistance from Wal -Mart and the camera caught you or your license plate , can be a big problem. Or if someone saw you and plates and reported it to police. What is "hit and run." You can go to jail for that. Not a good idea to have 'coz if that car was his , how would you feel? I can not tell what to do, but I think you are entitled to their own actions. Therefore, only one piece of advice ...
Answer14DerricAnswered at 2011-12-29 18:09:13
IMO ... it is best to be honest and tell the owner of the car.

A foot and guilt involved will only get worse .

At this point I would suggest you contact the manager of Walmart and tell them what happened.

It is possible that someone saw you hit the car . If so , and to report before doing so only make things worse for you. It's a crime to drive away from an accident.

But you can only make the decision that suits you. You have to live with their choice in any way.

Answer15N-PROPER-PLURAL Answered at 2012-01-02 18:32:33
Expect better this time, since I was an idiot ... The next time remember that it is leaving the scene of an accident, and is illegal! Personally , I hope you caught on camera ...
Answer16Oh baby just come to me- bye ery87 Answered at 2012-01-06 19:12:00
hit and run is much worse than a bump in a parking lot .... use your head and see what you are doing, if you're lucky , no one told him , but if they did ... also just be prepared
Answer17AlvaAnswered at 2012-01-07 05:49:29
I think it is right to accept responsibility for what you did. Or go back and leave a note in the car if it is still there, or call Wal- Mart and give them your name and number to give to the owner of the car in case he / she asked.
Answer18 관용구Answered at 2012-01-08 00:48:09
I think I know what you have to do ..... otherwise we are not asked .

Your mom might freak, but it's better coming from you to get a note from the police or the insurance company.

A wise man once said :
"It's never too late to do the right thing "

Also, if the damage is not so bad their rates can not rise ...... different insurance companies have different rules for that.

Hold on and face the consequences . That's part of being an adult.
Answer19OliveAnswered at 2012-02-06 02:35:15
What you did is called a hit and run . I hope someone saw him and got his license number given to the owner of the car hit him. Be an adult and in accordance with this in an appropriate manner. If you are old enough to drive, they are old enough to be responsible for their actions.
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