*will choose best answer!* Can you get your motorcycle liscense if your drivers liscense has ben suspended? related questions

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*will choose best answer!* Can you get your motorcycle liscense if your drivers liscense has ben suspended?8Nelly2012-07-19 11:42:02
Well, my boyfriend is 16 years , get your motor vehicle liscense is suspended for 170 runs of a boy (silly , I know) who has moved with his father and straightened completely. Thank God ! Now he wants to get a conveyance . Is it possible, in the state of South Carolina receives a motorcycle liscense if your liscense another has been suspended until April? Thank you !
10 pts best answer my liscense are suspended but i have two diffrent liscnese number on regular and motorcycle?4Polly2012-10-15 20:03:02
so if there diffrent numbers then there should be fine. I mean, how do you know ... My regular was suspended ... idk on my bike ...
How do I obtain an Arizona drivers liscense, when I have a recently expired out of state drivers liscense?1Elro2012-01-08 05:44:45
Recently I made my move to Arizona officer, and I have an out of state drivers liscense expired in June ... Still I can get my drivers liscense az or is it late? They said they may have to retake the driving test or road test.
Liscense question? please answer!! ?2Ashbu2012-02-26 03:06:06
Okay so I live in new jersey and I 'm moving to Brooklyn , New York with my friend. and if my parents live in New Jersey I can keep my liscense and NJ insurance under my parents' address and my name and live in New York or I'll get in trouble ? Thank you !
My liscense was suspended for DUI?5Josh_Is_25%_Larger 2012-04-05 11:14:29
is this void my vehicle registration ?
If you have a suspended liscense can you renew it in a different state??4[email protected] citY 2012-05-29 09:45:14
Used to live in Virginia, but now I am abroad , but want to change my liscense back to Indiana , where my permanent residence is.
Will police let me know on the spot if I'm being charged with drivin with a suspended liscense ?0The One2012-08-04 05:59:50
If I were in a car accident and was hit by a drunk driver, but my liscense was suspended I will face criminal charges ? I have 18 years , my liscense was suspended while driving without insurance when he was 16, was driving my Friends of cars and the officer said nothing about my liscense suspension, which was hit by a man who had been drinking and had a passenger in the car. He said the guy was guilty and that the insurance on the car of friends who covers insurance and mans would have to pay for damages , should I worry? Should I pay my reinstatement fees now? I have the money just never worried about the recovery, because I have no car. I am the final year of secondary school in the accident was in Florida. Thanks for all the advice . :/
Can I leave the state of Mich on a suspended liscense as long as I dont drive?0ERASER2012-06-21 16:23:44
¿ I can leave the state of Michigan on a suspended liscense , as long as I do not drive?
I have a driving liscense in Dubai so when I stay in America will I get a driving liscense immeiately?1Morto2012-03-26 22:07:03
I will move to the United States , Los Angeles next year so when I go I'm not going to allow a driving license to drive immediately because I have a driver's license 10 years in Dubai and I have to take classes and driving tests to be ?
How do I go about getting a motorcycle liscense? help please :)?0y0))))))))))))) i'm juz ChiLLiN' 2012-06-17 18:59:23
I have 19 and I live in Fort Worth, Texas. I have a drivers liscense .
How much does ny motorcycle liscense cost to get at the DMV?0Deep2012-05-21 23:44:25
with the ticket of the MSF course completion .
Do you have to go around the cones and stuff when you get your motorcycle liscense?0Binga2012-06-04 09:07:18
I am a 14 years old and have been riding motorcycles since he was 7, so I'm not a beginner, but I have a yamaha xt225 enduro and someone said that when I have 16 years in a year and a half I have to make a statement written test is not a test drive. Know the rules of the road

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