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If my roommate crashes my car?6hawk, falcon2012-05-21 17:44:29
Who is responsible if my roommate gets into a car accident while driving my car. He does not have any insurance (because he does not have its own car ). Will my insurance rates go up? If you hurt someone would be responsible?
How much would it run me to move out with a roommate?1Themba N2012-08-31 09:21:02
Hello, My name is Herbert and I really want some help in the things I have to pay for the phone in an apartment. Like I have to pay for electricity or water ... Because I heard that something will not have to pay. How much will it all cost? With a roommate ... (Example ) Groceries - Water - Gas - Central Air and Heat - Electrical - Cable - Cell Phone - Pet fee - Car insurance - Apt . Rental - Furniture ( All furniture and decoration more devices ) - I'm just looking for a good estimate of how much it would be ....
Car insurance and roommate with DWI?0Denni2012-06-16 19:19:45
I told a friend of a friend who could be with me for a few months to get back on their feet. He is receiving unemployment checks and is generally quite clean. Recently, however, mentioned that there have car insurance because their premiums are too high, because he has had six previous DWI offenses . Someone told me that my car insurance premium can go for it just live with me. Is that true ? He now lives in Wisconsin, you do not need insurance. But the state moved to do.
My roommate got in an accident in my car.?7Hermosa2012-09-12 06:40:03
Not listed as a driveron my insurance. Am I pentalized extra for it ?
Can you add your roommate on your car insurance0? hate you love me 〆2012-03-16 03:12:36
Can you add to your roommate your car insurance
Reasonable pay reimbursement from roommate?0John Q2012-07-12 22:33:02
My roommate has let her boyfriend to move in now I don't feel comfortable since I have to adjust the way. Spend my time in the house. For instance, what I wear when I go to bed and so forth... what is a reasonable amount to ask for the adjustment I am making to accommodate. For him living here?
Car sold to roommate but car title still under my name..?2Amanda2019-01-02 18:40:21
I sold my car to my roommate. He disappeared and no income or payments to car ... What steps should I take ? Call the police first ? It has been almost two months .... can not contact or email ... I could be dead .... no one knows where ...
My car insurance was canceled due to roommate has a DUI?7Eva2012-01-19 00:13:55
I live in Michigan and have been advised by Hartford that my car insurance will be canceled in February due to the fact that someone else in this household has a DUI. They feel that this person could drive my car, with or without my permission. It advises one of us has to move so that the policy reinstated. Is it justified ? What I can do?
What to do if my roommate brother crashed my car that i just got 2 days ago?0Trouble Chick 2012-06-16 08:00:38
I just purchased my new Ford dealership mustang 09 for the Saturday and Monday my brother's roommate stole my car and crashed into many things, including our house (which was his last stop , I guess that goes from the police). Even the owner is puting the damage of the house of my car insurance . Iam so crazy and I just dropped my check for my car to the dealer yesterday, a day after all this happen. The worst part is that the police are holding my car for testing. So I'll be a while before I can go back and get it fixed . I'm mad because iam pay for a car now that I have . Helping someone . What should I do ? Oh yeah I did not tell the dealership or the bank. Should I?
Should my roommate and I share our tenants insurance?0Danie2012-05-21 00:54:24
If I were to get $ 20,000 renters insurance with $ 1,000,000 liability insurance through my and my roommate was to get exactly the same Throught it would make more sense for us to just meet in two our names ? So then we would have $ 40,000 between the two of us and the statutory liability of $ 1,000,000. What falls in doing it this way? My wife insists that insurance is a bad idea, but has not yet provided a good reason. She just says she does not recommend it . thanks
How can i change the title of my roommate's car? while he's out of the states ?3Suddenly Psychotic 2012-08-07 07:32:02
reality that is outside of the states now and he decided not to return ... and I said I want to buy the car , and told me where your title ... How can we do this now? (By law)
Does my roommate have to be on my personal auto policy?0Denim312012-08-17 16:45:03
I was looking into renters insurance with the same company that I have auto insurance with. They asked if I had a roommate and I said yes. Once they found out he didn't have his own auto policy, (he doesn't have a car), they then told me that not only would I not be able to have renters insurance, but they would cancel my auto policy because he was uninsured. Something about pip and michigan law, so he had himself added to his sisters policy as a secondary driver. Now the insurance company is saying they won't honor that because he isn't living in her household. Can someone tell me if they can really do this? I am so frustrated right now!

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