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How Can I start selling Vehicle Insurance in Texas?1aranza 2012-05-01 08:14:38
I got my license to sell auto insurance in Texas. I wonder how I can start selling auto insurance ? Currently I have a company that offers notary service , income tax , and more! I really need help with this. 10 points honest answers !
Am a Californian planing to start work in texas do I need a texas drivers license?1N-IN-NAMES 2012-05-06 01:11:20
I would be visiting California at regular intervals , so what would be the best option
Do you think this is a bad time to try and start selling insurance?0Shannon-- please help!!2012-07-02 22:32:03
I have worked in commission sales before and did okay. I did sell mortgage protection insurance a couple of years ago and am thinking of getting back into the insurance business selling final expense insurance since I can't seem to find a job. I am 50 yrs old and am guessing corporated america does not want it's maangers hiring someone my age. I am running out of options. Any suggestions?
I want to start selling insurance and quit the current job that I have.?1Ursula2012-05-26 03:24:17
Should I leave my job I hate (lol ), and start with insurance or make insurance on the side while I take this job and then quit when I have clients built? ? ?
So i have the option to start selling life and health insurance...?0kitsy2012-10-09 03:53:27
So I have the option to start selling life and health insurance ... ?
I want to start selling pet insurance. How do I find a company I can apply for a contract with?0mistol2012-06-30 14:49:02
Im a licensed insurance agent and want to expand my lines of business. Being the animal lover that I am, I want to provide health insurance to pet owners.
I'm 43 and trying to start a new career in selling health insurance whats the best way to build my business?0MAURICE2012-06-25 23:29:25
I have 43 years and trying to make the transition to a new health insurance sales career . I need good advice from someone who has been there , what is the best way to build my business in limited funds.Thanks for taking the time to help. David
Should I learn P&C insurance business by working in an agency, or just get license and start selling myself?1Alder2012-05-25 00:47:58
I have knowledge of online marketing and med sup are sold in the past, so I know that companies offer a lot of supprt . I wonder if it's worth bringing my marketing skills and new license to an agency and learning the ropes there, or just hanging out on my own. Moreover, what are the least profitable niches and addressed? I'm in Massachusetts and probably will end up in California in a few years. thanks
I got a ticket for soliciting in Texas, but I wasn't selling anything!?0Ir2012-09-20 01:45:03
I need help, I work for a roofing company, and we were getting our reputation up by telling people that storm damage was covered by their home owners insurance. Information only, unless they asked more, I left the house. I come across this horrid, aged, ugly creature that used to be human at one point (I'm guessing) and he just raged on me for knocking on his door. Cops were called, and they came to me way down the road, I didn't leave because I did nothing wrong. I didn't sell anything. Now they are trying scare tactics so I won't go to court, like telling me it will cost $500 and if the cop is in over time I have to pay that too, etc. How do I beat this? All the lawyers I called said they can't take the case because they only gave me two weeks for trial... HELP PLEASE!
Does an automobile appraiser have to be licensed in Texas to appraise an auto loss vehicle in Texas?0Loulou2012-08-05 07:14:50
My car was totalled in February. I did not like the offer my insurance company gave me so, according to my insurance policy, if I didn't agree with the insurance company on their offer I would be entitle to having my car appraised by an independent appraiser and the insurance company would also have to hire an appraiser. I did hire an appraiser but they are not located in Texas and the insurance company is telling them they have to be licensed in Texas. Is this true. Am I out the money I paid the appraiser. The appraiser I hired is saying this is not true.
How do i register for a business license selling homemade spa products in texas?0Bhuwan gupta2012-10-24 06:39:28
I recently started making homemade natural spa products such as candles , bath salts , bath scrub salt, sugar scrubs , foot scrubs , facial scrubs and lotions , etc and I have a tax number , filed a DBA and I have my tax state identification number as well. Only now you only need to register my business and get a business license . I have also presented and liability insurance and product insurance . And I need any other licenses or permits?
How old do you have to be to start Drivers ED in Texas?0Wilpan2012-05-27 15:02:24
Please help . Thank you !

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