Has anyone ever been driving and closed their eyes to see how far they could drive with their eyes closed? related questions

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Has anyone ever been driving and closed their eyes to see how far they could drive with their eyes closed?11rick 6 2012-09-22 04:57:02
I've only told two people about this and we both had done well. im curious how many people have made
Police closed road accident rage claim without letting me know. they closed claim and gave her my details?0SROBSON2012-06-23 10:19:24
a crazy woman made ​​me hit the back of his car a few weeks ago , playing and moving like crazy until I cut in causing the incident. I went straight to the police to report this. I called the updates never twice to redial . I contacted their solisitors you are claiming for damages ? I contected told police complaint closed and gave each party infomation not What the hell is going on. by not having checked the cameras or anything. Now this fool is going to claim my insurance
Do U Need Auto Insurance 2 Drive On A Leagaly Closed Rd In Indiana?0Jonesy2012-09-01 16:45:03
Do U Need Auto Insurance On A 2 Drive Leagaly Rd Closed in Indiana?
I want to buy a car on Sunday evening, but my insurance office will be closed. Can I still drive away the car?1Rina2012-09-30 07:54:06
I have the intention of buying a car this Sunday at around 6pm. However, my insurance agent ( farmer) is apparently closed. In my statement that says to call my own insurance agent to add , but it is only in his office Monday to Friday 9-5. ¿ I can get the car and drive off the lot ? Do I have to purchase insurance beforehand, although I'm not 100 % sure you are buying the car ( you could sell before you have the opportunity to bid on it !) ? Do I have to go a different insurance company , which is open 24/7 , and then change a few days ?
Air freshener in the eyes?0Doret2012-07-13 13:31:02
About an hour ago I sprayed air freshener in my living room and some of it accidentally got into my eyes. I've rinsed my eyes twice with water and my vision is okay but I my eyes just feel odd. I didn't get much sleep last night so it might just be that plus I get paranoid easy but I'm nervous so will I be okay or should I go to the walk-in clinic near my house tomorrow (I don't have insurance)?
I have my eyes on a BMW 1 series for 0Dori2012-07-10 21:32:03
Will it affect my insurance do I even have to mention it to the insurance company?
Why do my eyes always hurt?0K. B.2012-10-16 13:50:12
A couple of years ago, was beaten in the head with a large stone, causing a head injury. Within a couple of weeks, my eyes started really bothers me that I never had any problems with my eyes before this. It immediately went to the doctor because I thought it would, but never did. I dragged through life since. My eyes hurt all the time ... Many times, they are itchy and watery. They are sensitive to wind and light .. They feel better after about 10 hours of sleep, but starting to bother me again within 5 minutes of waking. When I wake up, eyes usually feel a little swollen. I went to a general practitioner, I said about being beaten by the rock, but did not think it was related. He thinks it's dry eyes, but my eyes do not feel like there is something in them and my eyes are not glued to my eyes. He referred me to an eye doctor, and he also said that dry eyes. I tried to dry eye drops ... does not help ... I tried updating tears, Systane, and lots of others .. I tried putting gel in the eye drops before bed, sleep ten hours, putting in drops upon waking, and use drops every half hour, but still to no avail ... I tried Alaway drops and pills Zyrtec if it was allergies, no luck. I went to an optometrist, and told me that my eyelids are swollen, but he said my eyes were healthy and did not see any problems with them. He thought he was allergic inflammation. He prescribed me Alrex for inflammation and Patanol for allergies. These drops have not provided relief. I think this doctor was quite possibly right about the general problem ... I think it's swollen eyelids, although I do not think it's allergies, but I'm not sure .. I have no longer safe, so you do not have money to go to waste the wrong kind of doctor or buy medicines useless. What I'm looking for is: 1-If anyone knows what my problem might be? 2 What kind of doctor should I see a doctor now generally re optometrist, ophthalmologist, or someone else? 3 Any medication that the doctor might recommend it to be effective? Any help would be appreciated ... My life is pretty unbearable at this time ... All I do is go to work, and then I go to bed with any extra time because my eyes bothers me Thanks for any help
What's wrong with my eyes!?1grandall2012-09-18 01:58:03
I am already nearsighted ( i cant see far away) with horrible eyes that keep getting worse. Even with my glasses on and I am 1 foot away from my tv I can no longer read it. No when I am reading things up close ( like s book or my ipod )my eyes are starting to hurt and I can't take it it feels like someone is stabbing my eyes. Don't suggest going to the eye doctor because I can't go for a few more weeks because I have to wait til the insurance will cover it again. Help I am in pain.
Eyes Opened--Poem--c/c?0Mason :)2012-11-04 01:27:12
Destinies design? Figured out one at a time. Dreams to believe in? Not meant for the disbelievin'. Go to school for a degree? Go to God to be able to see. Health insurance for care? Ask God. Do you dare? Government protection? They cause the destruction. Presidents to lead you? No, dictators to mislead you. Love on the rise? Your soul they despise. Freedom in the air? It's slavery to be more clear. Seeing just fine? Your eyes are too blind. What are you gonna do? Better pray God forgives you. Don't understand what I'm sayin'? You better start tryin'.
Help,, i wnna get my eyes checked ?0decatur2012-06-25 08:18:02
If my insurance is Kaiser in Waipio , do I have to check my eyes and I can see in Haleiwa, because they live near Waipio
What is causing flashing lights in my eyes?1lashaunda2012-09-07 20:25:34
I've always had bad head rushes every time I stand up quickly , causing dark or total loss of vision accompanied by flashing lights. This is normal for me. However, last week I have been receiving only the flashing lights , but much more frequently . I see them every time I bend then stand up, move from sitting to standing , yawning , rubbing eyes , sneezing, etc. We see them constantly. Is this an eye problem , or a circulation of blood? What could be ? I have no insurance so please do not tell me to go see a doctor because I have no ability to . They refuse to see people who can not afford .
How often do my eyes need to be measured for contact lenses?0Ethel2012-07-15 21:47:03
I am not talking about a regular eye exam, I am talking about the measurements associated with fitting contact lenses. I have worn contacts for several years. When I got them initially my eyes were measured over two visits to get the lenses fitted and then checked again for fit. I have switched doctors and insurance and of course they want to measure my eyes for lens fit again, but is that really necessary already?

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