Auto accident question: what to do when the other driver's insurance says they cannot contact the driver?

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Asked at 2012-03-04 05:11:02
I was involved in an accident a week ago, where someone hit me from behind. My insurance says I can use my own insurance policy to fix the car , but I have to pay for the deductible of myself. Otherwise , I can get insurance from the other party to meet the cost , as is clearly the lack of the other person.

The person that the insurer of the other , however , is telling me that you can not initiate the claim because they can not contact the driver (which has been a week ... ) My car is already in the store and I like it back ASAP.

Has anyone encountered anything like this before ? How to solve the end? In particular , I wonder :
1) What if the insurance of the other part tells me it can not contact the driver?
2) Should I get my own insurance to fix the car and my insurance company should contact the other person 's insurance in my name ? Right now I 'm doing fieldwork.

Thank you.
Answer1didgeridoo !! Answered at 2012-03-05 18:47:42
Yes I have several people beat me and a week is nothing. I just got my car and it was 10 days before the insurance company , even is there and then report the claim and be done with two people injured in the accident. You're going to have to be patient and just wait . They have all the information in the file. If you have a problem get your agent involved and that he does not call the company to see what is happening.
Answer2cobAnswered at 2012-03-10 16:51:44
Contact the insured must present any problems . They beat around the bush to prolong the process . I hope you have a police report.
Ask your agent to see if your insurance will pay and demand payment on your behalf. If they will, you will be deductible for a while.
Answer3 Ya Love Tang screen name -Answered at 2012-03-14 18:22:43
I had an accident similar to yours in 1998. A woman from a state away from a stop sign in front of me . I could not avoid hitting it. The vehicle was totaled. My insurance company paid me for my vehicle and I had to pay the deductible. With Mrs. insurance paid my insurance company at all and also my $ 100 deductible . It took a while , of course, but did not affect my premiums. I hope this can help
Answer4PaulineAnswered at 2012-04-24 09:24:31
If you have a good insurance company should contact the insurance company to other drivers. But perhaps because the deductible is you who are dragging their feet. But much as I do not think insurance companies are doing what they have to do field work , they complain, "the wheel does not cry does not suck . "
Answer5ValerieAnswered at 2012-04-27 11:29:06
People go to the long explanation of the accident and for some reason not stated, USDA most important details.

Did you call the police? Mention was made of the person who rear-ended ?
I wonder what they would like to contact the driver if you have done this .
Answer6お Wǒ YidianbuqiAnswered at 2012-05-09 18:56:18
Here's the deal -
Would you like your insurance company to pay a claim without talking to you? Before you say yes, because this situation is influencing your answer , think about it !

They should talk to their policyholders. Not that I want to handle your claim, but can not handle alone version or just the police report , etc. That is an inadequate and incomplete investigation and his duty to its insured is really first and second. The worst case is that lasts for some time. While continuing to make efforts to reach their policyholders can take the time it takes . I know I do not want to hear that, but those are the facts!

If this is a problem of floor to the lack of cooperation and comply with the policy action is taken to possibly waive coverage violation of the contract , which means it will not pay the claim and the insured is in the hook, because the coverage was taken away. One week ( not to roll eyes and sigh ) is not much time for a claim is still pending . If your car is handy , you can wait a bit. If not, you should not expect , so you should use your vehicle.
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