Can i get fined if someone is drinking in MY car while I'm driving?

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Asked at 2011-12-22 22:57:34
The groom is a big alcoholic . He will not listen when I ask you not to. Then he leaves their cans in my seat. I'm sick of him doing it . Above all years before our 4 year old son . I do not drink and I do not get in trouble for the actions of someone who does . I am very stressed about their its influence on our son.
Answer1C/-®']['E® Answered at 2011-12-22 23:01:49
Good lord you can even go to jail because of open containers and empties into the seat. There is no way that your boyfriend in the car is worth to be looking for you in
Sorry, but I used to be married to a homeless drunk and do not change. Good luck.
Answer2macawAnswered at 2011-12-25 20:57:23
If your state has an open container law that he can be held accountable.
Answer3Tang Love Ya Answered at 2011-12-26 21:19:14
Yes, and in some states in jail. With a child of 4 years , there will be a charge of child endangerment. This means that the agent could take your child away from you in the place and can not bring him back at least until after an investigation by social services .
Believe me, the ticket for an open container is the least of your worries !
Answer4leopardAnswered at 2011-12-30 17:33:40
depends on the state , some if not most have a fine open empty containers can run $ 150 here .. if you do not want to quit smoking for you or the child of the .. look hard, is it worth keeping ?
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