A week ago a lady ran into my parked car.? related questions

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A week ago a lady ran into my parked car.?9Arlene2011-12-26 23:00:35
She was having a seizure . The police arrived at the scene and gave a report. She was taken to hospital immediately afterwards. The problem is that I have not heard of the woman or her insurance. How I can make him pay for damages to my car? I'm not a contentious person , do not want your claim. I just want to fix my car . There is probably around $ 300 or $ 400 in damages. What should I do?
I was involved in an accident last week a lady reversed out of her driveway and hit my car.?16Adelaide2012-04-22 13:34:05
I talked to my insurance company today informed me that now is not supported on the responsibility and blame me for causing the accident .. she switched to the public highway safely stop I can not be convicted of driving just past .
How can I get a lady to pay my expenses after she crashed into my parked car?0Kaz2012-09-13 15:15:02
I live in Greece Athens ( bus service is not very good ) . Yesterday a lady hit my parked car , not to make a long story short I have no wheels for at least a week , insurance companies cover the costs associated with repairs . The car service does not have a car for me , so I'm going to have to leave my daughter to school ( 6km ) , take my son to his grandmother ( another 2 miles) , and then go to work (12 miles) , then the same for my return home , my daughter has swimming lessons to go , I'm completely stuck and dependent on a taxi driver to bring me more , or rent the car for the duration of the repairs . I have no money to spend , how I can claim these expenses from the girl who crashed my car ?
Lady hit my parked car, has no insurance, agreed to pay and now disappeared. What can I do?7Binga2017-12-31 13:02:20
Ok so while I was at work one night to a client of mine hit my car in the parking lot. She did not know it was mine , but she left a note saying he would pay the damages. I contacted her the next morning to discuss things with her and she said she had no insurance than you would of pocket.We agreed that he would go get some estimates and they prepay the body shop that and amount to pay for a rental car for me, while my car is in the shop . Well, I contacted her 2 days before we were supposed to be found in the body shop and she said it was good to go and there would be no problem. The day we were going to meet (yesterday ) called me and sent a message to their numerous occasions, all of which were not returned. I talked to the police department and they said they could file a hit and run on it , so I'm considering. He sent a text today saying that since she could not contact me so that I would be filing a complaint against him, and of course she immediately text back to their defense. She simply said it was not total , however , I understand. I'm getting more nervous as time goes on however, she just go away on me and my new car to work very hard to pay for never going to fix . Can someone please give me some advice on what to do. Any little bit helps. Thank you !
Old lady fell into my parked car, caused dent - collision or comprehensive?7Rosemary2012-03-25 08:46:27
I was at the doctor's office, an elderly woman tripped over the curb and fell on my car. There is a hole in the front right quarter panel . The insurance company is claiming the collision , which is a $ 500 deductible . I think it is comprehensive, as it was parked (deductible of $ 100). What do you think and I can fight it ?
Last week,my car was hit by the security officer's bike when I parked in the University.?0Judy2012-02-23 15:39:58
Today , scratches and dents serveral that are in my car. What I can do now ? Because borrow my friend's car , I worry that affect car insurance if I call my friend give me some suggestions.Thank police.Pls you.
Three times this week our neighbours car has been parked across our driveway,blocking us in.?3shequlia2012-09-04 15:35:02
That have approached him about it, but to no avail , he works nights and parks early in the morning , so we did not want to bother day.What during our next step should be?
A van without plates has been left parked in my drive way for over a week, how can I get it removed and notpay?9Eldrida2012-02-20 17:00:50
A van has been parked in my way, no plates , I want you gone, but do not want to pay for already. It holds the key to it is not mine and I canot have apparently towed from the self is not ! I do not know what to do!
My parked car was hit by a drunk driver. Police said his insurance expired a week earlier, What can I do?6determiner2012-03-03 06:33:15
Your insurance due February 16 and hit my car on Feb. 23 . Let me know if your insurance company gives you a grace period after the due date for payment. I called his company by the name of Insurance traders and the claims administrator asked this question. He totally danced around my question and told me to find a law in Kansas over a period of grace. I asked him to send me something in writing about grace periods issued to each of the holders of its policies and will not. He accused me of accusing them of deliberately not paying the claim and would not let me speak to a supervisor saying they were all out of the office that day . I just want to know what my rights, or if I have any options ?
My house burned last week the insurance company(naitionwide) adjuster came monday a week ago.?0Cleva2012-06-05 16:05:55
He said he would call me the next day and so another person to help with additional living expenses and a week later I could not even get on the phone can not my agent. What I can do to pressure ? Is it better to hire a public adjuster or a lawer or both?
How many hours a week will you be allowed to pay per week if you aren't able to provide health insurance?0tamrat2012-07-22 05:52:03
Under Obamacare, how many hours can you hire someone per week if you aren't able to provide health coverage, without paying a $2000 fine? American employees are gonna get really expensive. Do we have to provide coverage for illegals?
If my hours are cut from 34 a week to 12 a week Can I claim unemployment?2As2012-09-05 20:30:05
I've been working full time for the last 8 months, while my co-worker was on maternity leave (I've been in this job for 3 years total) . She 's coming back and needs your full-time hours again so my boss has to cut my hours from 34 to 12 hours a week. We are in Massachusetts. ¿ I can claim unemployment?

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