What happens if I stop payment on two checks in the mail to DMV for car registration renewal? related questions

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What happens if I stop payment on two checks in the mail to DMV for car registration renewal?2 주로 쓰이는 단어나2012-05-29 11:14:33
I sent the payment to the California DMV by mail for 4 days to renew the registration on my two vehicles. Total control services is in the ballpark of $ 550. Now , I just read that it can not be cited for expired registration until 30 days after the month in which registration is due. Seeing as I'm moving to Colorado this month, would make no sense to have updated the record here in California, and you will have to register both vehicles in Colorado anyway. I definitely do not want to pay double what I would like to record stop payment of checks mailed to the DMV. However, I fear might impose some sort of punishment important to me that force me to pay , put a bad mark on my credit card , or seek some kind of legal action against me . Does anyone know what the worst thing that can happen?
How can I get DMV to stop sending me registration renewal bills for a vehicle that was impounded 3 years ago?1Gen2012-03-09 00:53:15
Years ago, my car was impounded, and I do not have the money to get out what was in the impound lot . However, I have been receiving renewal forms for recording my every year and have even adorned my state ( CA) tax return ... The notification of liability form doesn't seem to apply to vehicles seized, is not it? any help is appreciated ! thanks
Is it safe to send checks for large amounts of money in the mail?0Rossina2012-07-29 13:26:58
I am expecting a check for a sizeable amount of money from my insurance company for an auto insurance claim. The office that the check comes from is about 100 miles away. They told me that I would get it in about a couple of days. It has been two days since they told me this and I did not get it yet in today's mail. I am concerned that it could have been lost in the mail and someone could find it and forge my signature on it as an endorsement. Is this possible?
Financial Questions, social security checks will they stop at 18?0yoyoma2012-10-24 19:45:02
To summarize my alcoholic father drank himself to death I stopped seeing him when I was 10 years died four years later. only some information, so I do not get rude answers calls me insensitive and only care about money ... It's my last year I have to start thinking about how I'm paying for college and how I can afford to move. while my father was alive he filed for disability and I started getting checks for about 11. When he died, social security checks I get up I think something like 1000 a month. I understand that this money is used for my mom to pay bills, to support me and it gets a bit like a school fund.However to school when I no longer need to pay for me to live with it. My close friend also receives social security after the death of parents, and I've talked to his mom, who has shown me the actual paper work indicating the time that my friend is still a full-time student who will receiving social security, however, my mom tells me (she does not show anything in writing, in fact, I have never seen documentation that shows that even get these checks) that when I turn 18 checks are done well my friend is almost 19 (full-time school remains high, senior like me) still receiving checks, and according to his letter still get them if she goes to school full-time in college or school only needs to sign something, letter also says to tell them when it changes direction. and I still get these background checks if I go to college? I do not want to fight to get the money and go out together and my mom still be reaping the benefits of a dead man divorced .. MedlinePlus if you have a lot of knowledge in this sort of thing can you answer a question I will ask today about my life insurance policy parents. MedlinePlus thank you very much
How long to get new CA Drivers License in Mail via Online Renewal?0tortoise2012-03-05 14:58:24
I renewed my license on 20 August ( and certainly never sent me a notice to renew , I just new I had to do) . And expired on my 21st birthday which was August 30 . He went into the DMV on my birthday and I said I'm fine to drive, because I'm new , but should not expect my license for a while . Its now September 6 , and I'm thinking how long it took other CA drivers for new driver's license after renewing online? Eager to get not only so I have the id / license itself. But because I could not have my official birthday party of 21 yet! Any logical subject and responses apprecciated ! :)
Does anybody know how to stop junk mail?0heaven2012-07-24 06:46:02
I get so much spam , it's ridiculous . I receive more junk mail accounts. At some point I will have a mailbox full of spam and invoices . Part no bills that I like. I have tons of credit card applications , requests for warranty, accidental death insurance applications, applications for life insurance and coupons. I am engaged in crushing this material. I have to destroy the applications, since someone could commit identity theft. The biggest thing I have fear of the postman 's put it another person 's mail
Does Michigan do E-checks before allowing registration?0leesa2012-06-18 21:51:56
I'm thinking of moving to Southeast Michigan from Ohio. The thing is that one of my trucks had its catalytic converter removed years before I bought it. The area where I live does not make e- checks, so I never got to thinking about putting it back on . The truck is a 1979 GMC half ton 4x4 with a GVWR of 6,200 pounds which was born in Flint , MI with a cat. The area I'm looking for is to move to the lake or around the Ottawa area Blissfield . I will probably end up making the move and the truck really needed a new exhaust system anyway, so I prefer to put the drive back now and run a new cat to put a series of duels on it again and have to cut and replace everything in a few months if they do a e-check . I'm looking for recommendations or opinions of parts of the tree hugger here. I just want to know the facts please and thank you .
My dog is getting credit card offers in the mail! What can I do to stop it?0EDWARD HAGOOD2012-10-20 00:48:51
for a couple of years ago my dog Nigel has been receiving letters from armed forces recruitment and scholarships . occasionally my car insurance company called and asked why Nigel is not insured . Somehow he is "out there " in the world of informationas my human child ! I thought it was funny at first but now is worrying me . Does anyone know how I can fix this? Is there a reporting office ? I have no idea how he got his name out there . All I can guess is that they could have put his name as my baby on some website somewhere. As perhaps Babyzone or something. I have no idea. Please help !
Stop all the african scam mail coming to me?0Amy S2012-08-29 05:09:03
Dear MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We've been waiting for you to contact us for your package MedlinePlus that is registered with us for shipping to your MedlinePlus residential location. We thought that the sender gave MedlinePlus our contact details. You may be interested to know that a MedlinePlus letter is also added to the package. However, we can not MedlinePlus quote its content via email for privacy reasons. We MedlinePlus We understand that the content of your package itself is a Bank MedlinePlus Project value of U.S. $ 800,000.00 Thousand Eight Hundred MedlinePlus Dollars). As you know, FedEx does not ship cash or MedlinePlus In controls, but are easy to send money orders. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The package is registered with us for shipping of your MedlinePlus colleague as claimed, and your colleague explained that MedlinePlus you want the package to be delivered to you as soon as possible, he is here in Nigeria for a period of three (3) months MedlinePlus Survey Project while working with a construction company in Nigeria West Africa. MedlinePlus We are sending this email because your package has been MedlinePlus registered on a Special Order. What you have to do now is MedlinePlus contact our Delivery Department for immediate dispatch from MedlinePlus your package to your residential address, but before the MedlinePlus shipment, you are required to confirm their full MedlinePlus information for us. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Note that as soon as our Delivery Team confirms your MedlinePlus Details, take three (2) business days (48 hours) to MedlinePlus your package to arrive at its designated destination. For MedlinePlus information, VAT and shipping costs and Insurance fees have been paid by your colleague before your package MedlinePlus was recorded and taken into account that the payment made MedlinePlus in the insurance certificates, Premium and Settlement, is MedlinePlus I certify that the Bank Draft is not a Drug Affiliated Fund MedlinePlus (DAF) neither is it funds to sponsor terrorism in MedlinePlus country. This will help you avoid any form of query from the USDA Agricultural Research Monetary Authority of your country. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, you will have to pay a sum of $ 95 for Safety MedlinePlus Maintenance Fee FedEx company as stated in our privacy MedlinePlus terms and conditions page. It was also reported that his colleague MedlinePlus wanted to pay for the Security Keeping charges, but MedlinePlus accept such payments not taking into account the fact that all items MedlinePlus And the packages that is registered with us have a time limit MedlinePlus and we can not accept payment not knowing when you want MedlinePlus be picking up the package or even respond to us. So no MedlinePlus take the risk of accepting such payment if any of MedlinePlus delay. Please note that your colleague did not MedlinePlus leave us with any further information. We hope you MedlinePlus respond to us as soon as possible because otherwise MedlinePlus respond until the expiry date of the package of all, we MedlinePlus may refer the package to the British Commission for the Protection of MedlinePlus because the package does not have a return address. Please contact MedlinePlus the delivery department (FedEx Delivery Post MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Contact: Mr. Andrew Cole MedlinePlus Email: fedex.courierservices12 @ ymail.co
Car insurance renewal, monthly payment.?0⺌. 尛 silly gung -2012-01-30 04:59:44
I'll be renewing my car insurance next month for my current policy to pay the full amount upfront . This year I can not afford it, and I hope that is paid monthly. My question is, when I take the policy, I have to put any deposit in advance? or simply pay the first month? Thank you very much .
Who do I mail my car insurance payment to?0Zachary Taylor 2012-04-28 17:57:54
I do not know whether to mail the payment for my car to my insurance agent or insurance company itself . The bill gives me both the direction of my agent and then the direction of the state headquarters of the company. I'm not sure that a mail my payment. I can not remember for the life I've mailed before. I am a Ditz .
Do insurance companies require down payment upon renewal?2Hobar2012-06-28 13:24:02
Im a single 19 year old student of college age. I have my own car a Nissan Altima 2003, which is financed. So legally I have my insurance coverage Fulle . . My policy is about to expire and I wanted to know if insurance companies require a down payment or should I continue paying $ 215 a month I pay now I ask because I know that there is no way I'll have the money for another payment, when my insurance runs out

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