What happens if I stop payment on two checks in the mail to DMV for car registration renewal?

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Asked at 2012-02-27 18:44:26
I sent the payment to the California DMV by mail for 4 days to renew the registration on my two vehicles. Total control services is in the ballpark of $ 550. Now , I just read that it can not be cited for expired registration until 30 days after the month in which registration is due. Seeing as I'm moving to Colorado this month, would make no sense to have updated the record here in California, and you will have to register both vehicles in Colorado anyway. I definitely do not want to pay double what I would like to record stop payment of checks mailed to the DMV. However, I fear might impose some sort of punishment important to me that force me to pay , put a bad mark on my credit card , or seek some kind of legal action against me . Does anyone know what the worst thing that can happen?
Answer1GraceAnswered at 2012-03-13 20:38:31
The worst thing is for late payment and $ 25 off / stop paying the fee.
Answer2Rockinafreakopotomus Answered at 2012-05-29 11:14:33
If you are sure they are moving before enrollment should be fine, go get the new record, both Vehil = ass as soon as possible I suggest you stop payment on checks to make a photo copy of the new Colorado registration and mail to the DMV, explained stopped payment on two checks for the state of CA and apologize if you owe overdraft fees for the state. Keep copies , and if something happens (which I doubt ) you have done everything that a normal person would do to try to clear your shipment accedental the registration fee when they were clearly leaving the state anyway. good luck. Colorado is colder in winter than CA. But the air was cooler in the living out of the rock .
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