Do California vehicle licenses that start with 6 signify anything? related questions

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Do California vehicle licenses that start with 6 signify anything?0 large woman. -2012-02-26 22:30:32
Do California Vehicle licenses starting with 6 means nothing?
Could I be insured if I have a Arizona licenses if I live in California ?2Brando2012-04-22 23:52:05
I have an Arizona license I have 16 years and I was wondering if I bought a car in my name the mother has a California license may be covered by your insurance if I drove the car in California
Can i get my permit at 15 1/2 in California when my licenses is suspended till i turn 17?3Egberta2012-05-29 13:31:52
So my license was suspended due to absenteeism from school and I did all my hours of community service, im wondering if I can get my permit at 15 1/2
My wife has a PA licenses i have an OH licenses can we get on the same policy without getting new licenses?3Nara2012-08-06 20:40:02
your insurance company custom add me because of my licenses is OH is that only your insurance company or a small thing usually insurance companies ? Also active military duty , if im that something changes.
Can an owner of an unregistered vehicle, have that vehicle towed at their own expense in california?0Guinea pig2011-12-27 09:28:39
Can an owner of an unregistered vehicle , having the vehicle towed at their own cost in California?
Shouldn't the DMV start issuing Drunk Drivers Licenses to good drunk drivers?0Rose2012-06-03 08:52:10
Lets be open minded now PPL 's how it works : When you go to DMV and apply for license Drvers drunk , you get a drink of alcohol before driving in a special closed circuit driving with small obstacles . If step u, u take another picture and repeat until it is badly beaten and no. This measures the highest consumption of alcoholic beverages you can handle and still drive safely ! This number is printed on your license and you will b able to drink a lot while driving without a DUI ! Tell me this is not a genius! Stupid drunk drivers who get behind the wheel , you can not even see clearly, and end up killing innocent people are giving us excellent drunk drivers who know what they are doing a bad name. I want you all to write a letter to the governor and initiate a request for Drunk Driving license ! Who 's with me?
When can I start learning to drive in California?0Katharine2012-01-13 16:08:20
I have 15 years and I'm thinking when I get out ( driving school ) when I get my permission and when I get my liscence
How do you start driving school in California?0Ingrid2012-05-14 04:11:56
can someone tell me the whole step by step instructions for obtaining a license in California
Can you just start Drivers Ed to get a permit in California?0albatross2012-06-12 12:11:10
Can you just start drivers ed to obtain a permit in California?
How can I start an auto insurance business in California?0Nihl2012-08-09 07:12:02
How I can start a business auto insurance in California?
I want to start my life over in the Anaheim California area?0ying2012-09-12 01:26:03
I live in Utah and recently had a falling out with some former roommates, for various reasons and only bid to get away from that and the personal drama. Anyway I just returned from visiting my parents and siblings and parents in Arizona had implied he had a surprise for us when we got there, and behold, it was a trip to Disneyland (my dad is a bit of a nut disney so they tend to go every few years). Anyway, every time I come here I always like the Anaheim area. People here are very nice and friendly and that is partly because Disneys influence there, but I think part of it is the relaxed attitude that I love California. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway, while I was in Anaheim I used to go for walks at night only to explore the area and quite enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the weather there and be able to go swimming outside in 70 degree weather (I love the water lol). I like the cold seasons in Utah but I also liked Anaheims time. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So here my question. Is it possible that a 20 years to come from outside California and be able to do? I work at a Walmart here in Utah and could transfer to anyone out there in a few months if there's an opening in a Walmart store around. I'm completely self-sufficient, paying my own rent, cell phone bill, etc. and I have my own health insurance through work as usual my parents insurance covers me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have one year of general education credits from a community college and was starting classes again, but I had to retire for health reasons. What about community colleges in the area? When I return I would start at a community college after only taking one or two classes and work my way back to being a full time student. Also what about the public transport system out there? Is it reliable and secure? I like being able to use public transport as usually cheaper than having a car with maintenance. Also for renting a room what the income range
How old do you have to be to start taking driving classes in California?8ã„‘ hate Math 2012-09-30 13:53:02
How old do you have to start taking driving lessons in California?

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