What could I do about someone that backed into my parked car, agreed to pay. And then joined the military.? related questions

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What could I do about someone that backed into my parked car, agreed to pay. And then joined the military.?2Silence replace all2012-06-20 15:34:02
I wonder if there is anything I can do . This type supported in my parked car, and no insurance, but agreed to pay for it , I had to get 3 estimates, and I did. I had to look over and the next thing I have said it is in basic training with the military and not hear a word of it. I turned the report on the status and was told I can not do anything until he is discharged or is on leave for 30 days. PLEASE , is there anything else I can do ? thanks
I joined the military when does my insurance start?0Lavern2012-06-30 19:08:02
well , I just signed my contract in October by the Army Reserve. Do I have to wait until after basic training or my insurance will not start now. Help please
I had car registration on MD. I sold that car and joined military on 2005 sep but tag was not returned.?0Vientiane2012-03-20 00:50:24
Md DMV now charges $ 3000 for me not to return that label. I was in Virginia for 3 years as they try to get registration md after I left the military. I need some advice.
A car backed into me. I was parked in the street of my subdivision. She claims I was parked "illegally"12Jenny2012-03-05 12:44:27
Ok. Thanksgiving Day , I had all my family at home. There was no place to park in my driveway , so parking on the street , right in front of my house. Later that night I go to a movie (me and my brother went in his car), go home and see my wrecked car a bit ( it is now backed in my driveway ). Turns out the neighbor backed into my car while I was gone . At first
Lady hit my parked car, has no insurance, agreed to pay and now disappeared. What can I do?7Binga2017-12-31 13:02:20
Ok so while I was at work one night to a client of mine hit my car in the parking lot. She did not know it was mine , but she left a note saying he would pay the damages. I contacted her the next morning to discuss things with her and she said she had no insurance than you would of pocket.We agreed that he would go get some estimates and they prepay the body shop that and amount to pay for a rental car for me, while my car is in the shop . Well, I contacted her 2 days before we were supposed to be found in the body shop and she said it was good to go and there would be no problem. The day we were going to meet (yesterday ) called me and sent a message to their numerous occasions, all of which were not returned. I talked to the police department and they said they could file a hit and run on it , so I'm considering. He sent a text today saying that since she could not contact me so that I would be filing a complaint against him, and of course she immediately text back to their defense. She simply said it was not total , however , I understand. I'm getting more nervous as time goes on however, she just go away on me and my new car to work very hard to pay for never going to fix . Can someone please give me some advice on what to do. Any little bit helps. Thank you !
Someone backed into my car while parked, who is at fault?1Loneliness. ⒏ Qi 灬 -2012-04-24 11:06:19
My car was parked againstall ( behind the vehicle that hit me ) when I parked there was no sign of any parking lot where I was. and I know the other driver had enough room to exit the parking lot to hit with my car.Or could of went back into the establishment and reported a car behind him, but did not nither . I leave an establishment and see a handwritten sign (no parking ), where the car was a huge hole in it and dont passenger side door / open habit . called my insurance company to take note of the handwritten sign , is there still the possibility that I can at least get my car without having to leave my pocket?
I was parked outside someone's house and someone backed into me?0Caitlin2012-06-22 18:40:42
and hit my car. There is a pretty big hole in it. The estimated cost to fix is about $ 1100. My car is not even worth that and I was thinking of getting another. Is it bad to get the money and then go get another car ? Forgive the dumb question - I sure do not fully understand this. Thank you.
If someone backed into my car and I was not parked correctly in an unlined lot, do I have a claim?1● __ Jue Bannan relic 2012-04-14 22:39:42
I had parked behind and to the right of a browser (with side mirrors ) at the Farmers Market, and when he walked away , I heard him hit my left front fender when I was back . My car should have been further away, but had to be visible in the mirror of his right, and there was no police report . Can my claim be denied by your insurance company ?
If you accidently backed into a parked car and no one saw would you leave a note or take off?3pigeon2012-05-14 10:30:16
If you accidentally backed into a parked car and saw no one will leave a note or take-off ?
I accidentally backed into a parked car at mcdonalds, we exchanged info and all but the cop said?0NENAS2012-10-12 01:31:32
mcdonalds is a privately owned , took the report but did not give me a ticket even though it was my fault . No major damage just searching spree . Just wondering if my insurance will go up despite happened on private property and not on the street .... and if he did climb is possible to take a defensive driving class to hit my liscence points ....
I backed up into a parked car and left minor bumper damages what do i do?3Vows. 2012-07-22 19:25:02
I need help now
I backed into a car parked on my sidewalk and on my landlords driveway, Am I at fault?3Birch2012-11-05 07:18:02
I called the police and since it was on private property can not blame anyone. I looked in my mirror , he saw his car. Your car is covered all over the sidewalk behind the car next to my drivers . Mention was made of a pedestrian would have to walk on the street to get around your car. Leaving out of space.

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