I just my driving license application and im stuck on one something?

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Asked at 2012-02-24 13:39:13
im planning to start learning to drive soon and have hit the (part B , the documents provided to you to prove your identity) have to test them cos I have only passport I have to give not they ( I can photocopy it and < br > give it to them ?) and in Part 7 of signing a photo to verify identity, that the signs can be one of my parents? Fo help thanks
Answer1slothAnswered at 2012-02-27 03:34:36
Yeh you need a passport, when you send it to the post office tha you need proof of address and photo tha has to be someone who has known for more than 2 years school teacher or doctor, ie =)
Answer2EL DIABLO Answered at 2012-03-07 04:08:24
are likely to be very insistent that you have proof .

my state, MI, will allow you to verify your identity if your father has a license and bring your birth certificate. of course, have to come with you.
Answer3WandaAnswered at 2012-03-25 15:06:41
You can send your passport if you will, as I did when I filed my provisional driving license and about the signing of photos, their parents or relatives are not allowed to verify your identity. Have your co-worker or any other professional (teachers , nurses , doctors or lawyers. ) To sign , in my case before, I was just visitor visa at the time so I let my colleague to sign my picture and he knows me for 3 months. I managed to get provisional driver's license and complete now.
Answer4FeodoraAnswered at 2012-04-13 19:29:25
Ive recently got my driver's license and proof that he had to show my birth certificate and payslips Onlyy work habit to carry your passport and a reference signature some1 you know, but which is also in a high insertion I hope this work :) x helpz
Answer5business ideologyAnswered at 2018-09-04 23:09:08

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