How do i prove to the BMV that my car was inoperable?

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Asked at 2012-02-17 22:41:10
Yesterday I received a " random selection " of the BMV notification indicates that I have to show proof of insurance for my vehicle. However, my car is working for a family friend since late December , knowing I would not get back for over a month and the money is so strong that I chose to not pay my insurance, while it is working ( as it would not be running). The BMV 's website says that you may be required to demonstrate safe (for date of February 11 in my case) if you have evidence that his car was inoperable, but I have no idea how to try this! Perhaps a work order for my friend? Or take him as a witness ? I even tried to contact my insurance company to see if I could pay for the entire month of February retroactive , but would not let me . I am very nervous because the first offense penalty is to lose my license for 90 days! I think it's unfair because all the laws I've seen has said that you will have problems if you drive a vehicle without insurance and I do not work at all without coverage! I have insurance now, but my only options are to show that was secured on 11 February or prove that my vehicle was inoperable. Any ideas ?
Answer1DhakaAnswered at 2012-04-29 05:50:08
What if it was towed to the BMV and try to make it work ?

Seriously, I think you should obtain documentation from a licensed mechanic , the BMV has approved to inspect the cars , not their friend.
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