Is it necessary to talk sleep study test again to qualify for a new cpap machine in order for your insurance company to cover the cost related questions

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Is it necessary to talk sleep study test again to qualify for a new cpap machine in order for your insurance company to cover the cost0Oscar2012-02-17 20:26:52
Do I need to talk about sleep study test again to qualify for a new CPAP machine to your insurance company to cover the cost
Sleep apnea question (apap/cpap)?0Crazy2012-07-12 06:54:03
so a friend of mine has sleep apnea, his doctor said so...however hes only been for one of the tests and never went back for the other one (so they can't give him the prescription for the cpap machine until he does that) however, he recently lost his job and no longer has insurance, and even if he did have it it still would have been insanely priced since his insurance was crap... the sleep apnea has gotten really bad- to the point where hes scared to go to sleep and hell gasp/choke while asleep... i suggested him getting a apap offline (craigslist) - because of the auto adjustment option- but i dont know if thats even a good suggestion- i just want to help him. does anyone know if the apap would be a good idea without the test? going to the doctor and getting the test isnt a option since he no longer has a job or insurance- i guess he could try getting some state help however that may be difficult and prefer sooner then later and not sure how long that would take any suggestions? (also if it makes a difference the apap ive been looking at is the RESMED S9 SERIES AUTOSET & ELITE WITH H5i )
Is it possible to purposefully fail a sleep study?0LaNoria2012-09-02 05:35:02
I want the weight loss surgery , but my insurance has told me so many health problems , along with the weight . Sleep apnea appears as a problem that can benefit from weight loss surgery . Is there a way of failing to order a sleep study to look like I have sleep apnea?
How to do a sleep study without showing up on insurance?6Heathe2012-06-14 08:22:55
I'm in college and my counselor has recommended me for a sleep study. Is there a way to get done without the participation of insurance ( ie. parents ( I have my reasons ))?
How much does an outpatient sleep study range? I live in Iowa.?0star sorbet2012-09-07 15:09:02
Be hospitalization ranges from just under $ 1000 to $ 3000, but I'm interested in the outpatient clinic as I imagine that the cost would be very low . I have to pay 20 % of my insurance , so I'm trying to get an idea of what the cost will be .
What subject do i need in order to study Insurance?4Leopoldina2012-08-11 21:11:02
What topic you need to study insurance?
Can I order a blood test by myself and have my health insurance(blueshield) cover it?1pelican2012-09-13 23:51:03
Or do I have a better chance of having BlueShield cover testing by having a doctor's order in place? My health insurance plan is " Active Start Plan 35" by Blue Shield
What do we need in order to qualify for getting health/life insurance?0ashh2012-06-29 05:40:11
I heard that some insruane companies wouldn't allow individuals over 60+ years old for getting an insurance, especially those who are foreigners, is this true? Why they not allow that?
Where do I go and what do I do in order to get health insurance or to qualify for Medical?0Bank2012-07-24 07:14:02
I have been trying to get insurance through my job for a while now and they are unable to work with me and help me. I am looking to apply for cheap medical insurance like Medi-cal/Medi-care but i do not know what steps to take.
How much do I have to look for work in order to continue to qualify for unemployment insurance in CA?0Lil Okie 2012-05-01 16:34:46
Please reply if you received unemployment benefits in California. Nobody says that the amount of work I have to look for? Do I have to look at every day ? And how I can report to respond to the anonymous Craigslist ads in my claim form ? I'm cool if you only apply to a job a week?
My washing machine eats my clothing? Can this be fixed or is it just the machine?1Fitc2018-11-01 22:01:19
It's an old American Made can label - just had the straps attached to them and now has a habit of eating my clothes . It is the only machine rougher on clothes or take- out - maybe the plastic on the inside ? We have insurance on our appliance, but is $ 50 for the washer to the type just came out. So I did not want to call him and pay him 50 buck for it just tell me - do old washing machines is normal . Any suggestions ? Normally , or is something wrong ? MedlinePlus Usually eats underwear and t - shirts it is wrapped around the middle and only thing they shreads .
In order to qualify for the CHIP health insurance program do my kids need social sec numbers? We have just?3 ﹍ ゛ ◆ fiancee -2012-07-03 13:31:07
U.S. reached in the Philippines. My husband works , but for now can not afford health insurance for us.

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