How can i get fake teeth to cover my 2 front chopped teeth? related questions

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How can i get fake teeth to cover my 2 front chopped teeth?2Eve2012-03-13 20:25:53
How I can get false teeth to cover my chopped 2 front teeth?
Baby teeth decay: how is it treated on the front teeth?0Rina2012-08-05 21:55:47
I noticed some spots of brown shallow right on the front surface of the teeth of my two year old son upper front . They are near the gums , but don; t touch the gums . At first I thought they were only patches of enamel, but after a closer look and do some research , I think those are small cavities. I'll call a dentist for an appointment tomorrow, but I'm very nervous and can not sleep . How can these cavities be treated if they are so shallow ? I think the only regular fillings may fall ! Does my child need crowns? Can the process be delayed (by time of something - like a seal ) to be a little longer (3 years or less) ? If you need crowns, will have to put under general anesthesia ? We have health insurance but no dental insurance. Does insurance usually cover the anesthesia? Through her help, I am very worried.
I had three false teeth in a bridge and I lost the bridge with the teeth. Will home owner's insurance cover1reann2012-08-09 19:45:03
any of it? (I am talking in general since I know that there are some variations in home owner's policies.) It is going to cost me $4000 to go to a dentist and have a new one put in.
What insurance is my wisdom teeth filed under if the teeth are impacted?0Makenzie2012-06-25 09:01:31
The receptionist told me that if they are affected will be archived on my health. My dental covers 80 % of wisdom teeth, my health cover None. What decides , my teeth or dentist ?
I have a cavity on my front teeth, will they be noticeable?0shanna2012-07-06 17:40:28
I have two cavities on my front teeth that they need to fill with composite resin. I've had cavities before but never on my front teeth, and I'm afraid they will be really noticeable. They aren't too noticeable now, they just look like a ring of decalcification and a spot of decalcification, right in the same area where my glued in retainer is (shocker). There is no blue or black hue. My questions are; If I get them filled, will there be a mark of discoloration there (even after time has passed)? If I plan on whitening my teeth (or if they get more yellow) will the resin change color with it to match? Is it possible for the resin to decay? and If I have a shitty dentist, AND I CAN"T CHANGE HIM/HER because of my legal statute as a child, how could I go around fixing the discoloration without dental insurance? Please answer as many as you can. I'm really worried about this. Thanks.
How much would braces cost for just my two front teeth?1ira2012-07-09 12:49:23
The rest of my teeth are straight, but my two front teeth that protrude a little. All we want is preparing for the two teeth , this would be relatively cheap, since it is only two teeth? He much do you think this would cost ? Just a ballpark range without insurance?
One of my front teeth has become sensitive to the touch?0Roderice2012-08-03 06:18:07
It isn't pain and it doesn't ache but it is an almost non painful electric type sensitivity in this one tooth when touched but not any of my others do this. It has been about a week now. I do not have health insurance so i can't go to or afford a dentist. Is there something i could do at home to help this or is it nothing?
Which would be least expensive for straightening two front teeth?0pelican2012-10-10 06:45:04
A brief background: I graduate college in the spring of 2011 so I have a limited amount of time to save cash to get my two front teeth straightened. These two teeth are so crooked that one covers the other tooth by about 50% and it's pushed outward as well. I avoid smiling but I'm going to need to be able to smile during interviews or I risk giving a wrong impression. As we all know, the first impression can make or break an interview. Once I have a job in my field (Health Information Technology), I'll have good dental insurance, but for now, I'm on my own. I realize that cost can vary dramatically from one area to another but in general, what would be more cost effective - braces of some kind, veneers, dental implants, or something else? I'm in the U.S.
My son chipped his front teeth at daycare...are they responsible?0mary doherty2012-09-06 01:45:06
hello MedlinePlus MedlinePlus my 3 year old was playing in the nursery and fell up the stairs to slide down the slide .. missed his step and struck his mouth over in front of him jumping front teeth . After discussion at the dentist a month later , the dentist did his teeth were changing color and asked if he had beaten or anything. After explaining what had happened he said he could save the teeth and charged me $ 1600 for repairs . He also suggested that the nursery reinburse me because it happened on their property . Are they responsible for this situation ? For the ppl I've talked to the extent that they think they are, but after reading other stories and I 'm pretty sure like to hear some outside opinions . note .. i have insurance how every time my son had other repairs that were covered by what was the most over time. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do you think ? ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Appreciate the advice!
Front two teeth loose..will they tighten back up?0Kenzi2012-07-08 05:27:01
Long story short .. i tripped and fell face first in a parking lot . My two front teeth went through my lower lip. My swollen lips down and wounds heal almost, but my first two teeth are a little loose . I can not close the jaw close to the end because my bottom teeth hit the top and is a sensative smushy feeling . I try to leave it alone , so do not do more damage . The position of the teeth are the same as before. I have no insurance so I can not afford to go to the dentist. I was wondering whether to set a backup or will fall ?
Silver crowns for front teeth on 4 year old?0Rano2012-07-09 15:33:02
My four old son has a cavity the back of his two front teeth on the top. He has Medicaid for insurance I don't know if I should let them put a silver crown on his front teeth has any one else's children ever have this done I don't want other kids to make fun of him does any one know of any other options. Please if someone here can help.
Front teeth tooth ache remedies.?0bob!>?2012-07-09 17:10:02
It seems that my boyfriend has teeth gingivitis and tartar his.two.front have .. who are uninsured or so Id have to deal with the pain because he can not afford a root canal .. What can be used to relieve pain in her two front teeth and gums? It hurts really bad without even touching the gum ? Help please , I hate to see him in pain.

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