Can I cancel my icbc claim?

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Asked at 2012-02-12 00:24:58
¿ I can cancel my complaint I had with ICBC ?
Not long ago I was in an accident, hit a tree and was forced to leave the place and the vehicle would not start. (No other vehicles or homes in the area, and I was not injured) who filed a claim in any way, because I left my car there, but I knew I was making the mistake of leaving the scene. I gave my statement to ICBC and now want to have a special investigator for me to know more than some discrepancies in my statement. The car that was damaged was a Junker and I care not whether my claim is accepted or not, so it is okay to cancel my claim, and we are investigating ? That is, not any reprecussions for that, and I guess I'm still suspicious of the cancellation of the claim ? and if you feel suspicious does it matter? I have nothing to hide, but I just want to cancel this statement in media research .

Thanks for your time.

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