In virginia, is one able to register a car with a power of attorney? related questions

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In virginia, is one able to register a car with a power of attorney?0Eri2012-02-12 00:20:12
In Virginia, one is able to register a car with a power of attorney?
I am holding a Texas driving license, Can i buy a car in virginia and register my car in virginia ?5Olivia2012-07-28 12:26:59
I came from Texas and still with a Texas driver's license , where I can buy a car with my Texas driver's license and driving my car in Virginia, I have to have a Virginia driver's license for a new car in Virginia. I hope I can keep my Texas driver's license and drive in Virginia for a few monthes .
The Virginia Attorney General warned Nanny Pelosi?0paul gokool2012-10-04 09:12:03
not use " Deem and Pass' or be challenged in court . Virginia also passed a new state law makes it illegal for the government requires anyone to buy health insurance . Are there more states considering this action , I'm gonna call my state attorney general right now!
How to become a power of attorney?1glitter smitter 2012-10-29 14:45:03
My mother died, and her husband is currently in jail for rape of my sister. He is being a real prick because our family never liked him. We just found a million dollar life insurance policy on her. He is curently doing 15 years. Does anyone know how i go about becoming power of attorney over a deceased, so the monies will be split between her kids.
Can i trade in my car if i have power of attorney over it?2Mè ‖ love you 2012-02-28 19:11:56
It is a power of attorney Genral .
Does a power of attorney need to be notarized ? Does it expire ?2 등과 같은 대화에서2012-01-16 20:00:43
My mother gave me power of attorney in 1974 - is still valid? Since then, my name has changed due to marriage - Name change to invalidate the power? I need a power of attorney to put your car in the vehicle buyback program - the DMV has a special form of this power - must be notarized
If I have the power of attorney, can I sign a car title over to myself?0Bray2012-03-19 16:08:22
My dad is in jail and my car is in your name . I can not get my car registered and I can not get insurance for it and therefore can not drive. My father sent me the power of attorney , signed before a notary and witnesses. ¿ I can order a duplicate title , go to the DMV and sign the car myself if I have power of attorney?
I have power of attorney, can I add them to my health insurance?0Court2012-07-18 05:32:02
A friend of mines child is staying with me for a while. I have power of attorney, is this enough to add her to my insurance? I know I need to call them, but just wondering if anyone knows the answer??? Thanks!
Can my wife finance a car in my name with a general power of attorney?1N-IN-NAMES 2012-05-07 00:12:28
Can my wife to finance a car in my name with a general power ?
Help, with Power of Attorney document?Can they sell yor property without asking you if its ok?16Alex Williams2018-06-25 23:17:31
1.The my name to sell , transfer, delivery and given to anyone at any price and on terms and conditions approved , also able to donate and / or gift ( GONIKI PAROHI ) , accept the donation and / or gift ( GONIKI PAROHI ) of any real property owned by me / can come to me , also retaining my right to collect revenue from these properties ( freehold ), of any property in Greece , in or out of the plane the city , agricultural or other type , receiving the sale
What is Power of Attorney to transfer a motor vehicle?1Beval2012-05-04 21:04:45
I was in a small car accident insurance and other parties that want me to fil a power of attorney . I'll take the car so why fill this form out ?
Can I get a loan in my brother-in-law's name as his durable power of attorney?0Attalah2012-09-28 04:31:03
My sister died six months ago and my brother - in - law had to be placed in a nursing home with Alzheimer next day. He has a secure long-term care that will last 5-6 years . Its assets are about $ 1 million. The much loved and grief over the loss of them . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Like many , we have suffered in the housing market and grew ARM last year, along with job loss , etc. We are retracing our steps , but are unable to refinance due to loss of value housing and bills. We are trying to mount this housing mess and know the values ​​slowly coming back. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If we could get a loan secured on your behalf that could not only qualify to refinance but repay it at a low speed . I want to be completely legal and above board . Can this be done ?

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