How much compensation can i receive for whiplash?

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Asked at 2012-02-07 12:26:39
I was a passenger in the car friends at the weekend, we were hit from behind at the lights.
Answer1ordinalAnswered at 2012-04-05 01:43:35
Answer2GemmaAnswered at 2012-04-22 15:54:41
And the first thing that comes to mind is com .. Shows what kind of society we are in ... not well at all .. How serious is the damage / .. I 'm glad I'm good .. But how I can get through this, its sick.
Answer3ã‚‚ Memory Answered at 2012-05-29 00:57:15
Haha I love
Answer4HaydeAnswered at 2012-06-30 07:28:03
Basic rule is 500 per week affected. I hope you do not understand it - is a pain in the back and really not worth the money.
Answer5cb in sfAnswered at 2012-07-04 08:33:03
Depends on whether you went to the hospital for examination on the day or shortly thereafter. If you do not forget, it will be obvious that your trying to claim only for a little extra money. . . . . You are aware that also claimed his friend for his " injuries" not the other driver.

* Edit * You claim to be the driver of the car they were in what was his car that had the accident in. You will need your reports from hospitals and police reports to file a complaint along with any loss of earnings and future loss income that may incur due to whiplash forms and others that affect your life in the long run.
Answer6POOKIEAnswered at 2012-09-29 12:37:02
It depends on the circumstances (speed / witnesses etc ) , but I got my friend
Answer7marshAnswered at 2012-10-10 02:16:21
It all depends on what you say ? . my partner is around 1500 , but my partner does have 2500 both said different things. how it affected their
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