That's the opposite of what should be happening in a franchise model

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The next-gen variant of NBA 2K21 MT  is on the cusp of unhindered greatness, and hopes are so high that the upcoming patch delivers the products --or most of them. The major problems which were holding The City back appear to have been addressed. The framerates have improved and contact dunks are nerfed. It seems 2K is making its way through a list of ancient issues. One of the main areas in need of focus is the MyNBA style.2K blew franchise style fans' minds with the concepts and reach of this revamped MyLeague attribute. Unfortunatelyup to now, the version was plagued with crashes when using custom group layouts, rosters, and while scrolling via user-created rosters on the edit screen.

I've spoken with folks from 2K who've expressed a robust and proven desire to right the ship in these areas. Sooner or later, I am confident it'll be fixed. However, the truth is, a few of the problems might need to be dealt with over the course of a few updates. Crashes will and ought to take priority, but there is also a problem with participant progression. If you run a MyNBA with friends, youthful star players undergo computer-based evaluations early in their careers, which is the reverse of what should be occurring in a franchise model. This may not sound like a huge deal, but for lovers who aspire to play more than 1 season with their buddies--which is the whole point of the mode--they have a hard stop in their expertise until this issue is adjusted.

At this point, MyNBA in all its glory is a bit of a tease as there are too many of the best new features that aren't functioning as intended. While I have said I'm confident the problems will be solved, it'd most likely be a fantastic idea for Buy 2K MT  to place something on social websites that acknowledges that the issues. As of this moment, virtually every MyNBA fan is in the dark. They are simply getting more frustrated because the jobs and fun they were hoping to have is just out of their grasp. 


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