Useful for storing your things so you're milder

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What OSRS gold  wants is races... NO not races like trolls or elves! I mean races, like racing! Racing requires, agility and strength! These are normal running races in which you use your feet, not horses, not racecars, not hyperjets with rocketboosters.

First off as I stated before, the races need agility and strength. You can enter a race in any level, however the higher your endurance and durability, the greater of a chance you have of winning. For to the races, you must board a boat from Port Sarim (such as in Pest Control) and sail to Race Island. Upon reaching race staircase, you will find such and buildings. The buildings and such are:

A Bank- Every place must have a bank! Useful for storing your things so you're milder and your run energy lasts longer. A General store- Useful for selling your items if you want, or to buy an"energy potion" (later clarified ) Hurry sign up- there is where you register for races! Almost like a bank, except the booths are where you register.

Medical Building- This is the place you wake up if you faint during a rush, (explained later) or to have treated. Croud Pier- Should you desire, you may come here to see a race with other people (it is up to jagex in case your character acually sits down as you see ) Also from the racing square, then you'll find a person named Ricky Racer, talk to him to get a racing tutorial . Now for inputting races: To put in simply walk up to a booth at the join building. The conversation is as folows: Sign up individual: Good day sir (or Ma'am if a woman ), how may I help you? Your choices: I'd love to go into a race. Nothing Acually. If you select to go into a race, you'll be placed in a waiting room. When the space buy RS gold  has 5 people in it, then the race starts!


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