Perhaps due to the Hanzo skin challenge

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I can tell you did not read my reply properly lol.I agree with MLB the show stubs 21  you that when I command my place I must get rewarded...

That is the most frustrating element of pitching this season. I can't tell you how many Great or Perfect releases I have had and also the pitch is like,"Whatevah, I do what I want! "However, I agree with the consensus, if all things being equal, the hitter should get the better result BUT it should be harder square up pitches. Create a fucking skill gap. I shouldn't be getting HRs if my PCI barely touches the ball. Accordingly, on the reverse side, I expect hard and strong contact on a squared up pitch. If my PCI does not touch the ball, it ought to be a swing and a miss. Period. No questions asked.Exactly. Individuals on this subreddit encourage RNG hitting because apparently it is a"Slugfest".

Seriously, I get so much more frustrated with the pitching inconsistencies compared to hitting ones.I can not talk for everyone, but for me, I know I'm likely to have the game anyhow. There are some major flaws with the Buy MLB The Show 21 Stubs  game, however in the long run, I still enjoy playing, so may too pre-order to get the bonuses. 


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