Along with the prayer bonus only causes

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About the super collections, super strength and RS gold  attack are a must on all tasks, but super defenses you may want to just bring in case you find you are hit a lot on a single particular job. Whatever the situation, superb guards are extremely cheap compared to others, and they just concern with them is that they take up inventory space.

One more thing that you should pick up is really a DDS to your firearms (if you have not already). It's cheap, and has a fantastic offensive unique that can minutely speed up your task (if anything it makes you feel great getting two great stacked hits). If you intend on slaying a lot, you should try to work toward completing the tricky Seer's Village journal, as the Enhanced Excalibur is a superb healing spec weapon (+200 lp every 5 minutes is nothing to sneer in ). It has some high demands, but it's surely worth it.

Seers Village Diary enchanced Excal is a L0L IMO, simply because depending on your own slayer master, you won't even need too treat, and, one thing I must add about DDS is the fact that it BEATS CLAWS because it is possible to use it on 4 distinct creatures, it is quite accurate, and it does not occupy a lot of the exceptional pub (claws are great for bosses/PvP because they have the capability to do a lot of damage in a short Rs gold 2107  time. Slayer, though, although you need hurt, you don't have to invest 100% special on just 8 hits - 4 of them probably being below 100). Also, Korasi is a fairly good unique weapon for (besides DDS) and works really nicely on alloy drags.


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