Old lady fell into my parked car, caused dent - collision or comprehensive? related questions

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Old lady fell into my parked car, caused dent - collision or comprehensive?7Rosemary2012-03-25 08:46:27
I was at the doctor's office, an elderly woman tripped over the curb and fell on my car. There is a hole in the front right quarter panel . The insurance company is claiming the collision , which is a $ 500 deductible . I think it is comprehensive, as it was parked (deductible of $ 100). What do you think and I can fight it ?
Car fell off jack while trying to fix a flat tire. Collision of comprehensive insurance?1ミ ミ Weinidanrui 2012-02-27 16:52:51
A few nights ago , when he came home from work, I hit a good size pot hole on a road and ended up damaging a new tire (about 200 miles on it ) and get a flat. I put on the side of the exit ramp (the only place I could go to work safely in the car ) to change the background. The area was dirt and rocks, and long story short, after loosening the lugs on the wheel and jack the car , the cat got out and fell on the shot and damaged the rocker panel and the side skirt . I called to open a global demand and the adjuster told me that this is part of a collision claim , as my car " collided " with the cat. This sounds like complete BS to me. I was not in the car , the car did not move, and there was another vehicle within 500 feet from me. My comp deductible is much less and do not want my rates to go up. Damage was estimated at about 700.00 . How does something like this announcement with the insurance?
How much can i get if i was in a accident at not my fault but the lady that caused it didnt have insurance?0Ella2012-05-21 11:23:05
so I was driving and was beaten by another car because another car spun me out and get success. so the car that caused the accident was his fault and was fined . but turned out not to have insurance , adding that after the accident. so we talked with our lawyer and told me that his insuracne not going to cover, it added that after the accident. so he said he will do so through our secure and I will not get paid for my injuries will most likely have suffered because they have full coverage. So I understand that insurance is a trial so I was wondering what I get for that becuase i suffered broken ribs, hit in the head, neck fractured bone / pelvis and was in hospital for 3 days. a trial she will do anything or take anything from it. and now they want my insurance to pay an insurance deductible because I is covering ?
A week ago a lady ran into my parked car.?9Arlene2011-12-26 23:00:35
She was having a seizure . The police arrived at the scene and gave a report. She was taken to hospital immediately afterwards. The problem is that I have not heard of the woman or her insurance. How I can make him pay for damages to my car? I'm not a contentious person , do not want your claim. I just want to fix my car . There is probably around $ 300 or $ 400 in damages. What should I do?
How can I get a lady to pay my expenses after she crashed into my parked car?0Kaz2012-09-13 15:15:02
I live in Greece Athens ( bus service is not very good ) . Yesterday a lady hit my parked car , not to make a long story short I have no wheels for at least a week , insurance companies cover the costs associated with repairs . The car service does not have a car for me , so I'm going to have to leave my daughter to school ( 6km ) , take my son to his grandmother ( another 2 miles) , and then go to work (12 miles) , then the same for my return home , my daughter has swimming lessons to go , I'm completely stuck and dependent on a taxi driver to bring me more , or rent the car for the duration of the repairs . I have no money to spend , how I can claim these expenses from the girl who crashed my car ?
Slipped,fell and caused property damage?0Georgia2012-01-22 10:53:56
I have a local transport company and was hired to move a stove. I had to move this unit in a box down a flight of stairs. in the process of moving 450 pounds per unit of outdoor stairs , I slipped and fell. in the process of falling, hand truck damaged his brick stairs . the damage was insignificant , but damaged. the property owner contacted the shipping company that hired me and provided photographs. I was not injured. there was no documentation what so ever . I have curiosity to know my legal responsibilities. I graduated Strickly commercial cargo and is not licensed with the Public Service Commission .
Lady hit my parked car, has no insurance, agreed to pay and now disappeared. What can I do?7Binga2017-12-31 13:02:20
Ok so while I was at work one night to a client of mine hit my car in the parking lot. She did not know it was mine , but she left a note saying he would pay the damages. I contacted her the next morning to discuss things with her and she said she had no insurance than you would of pocket.We agreed that he would go get some estimates and they prepay the body shop that and amount to pay for a rental car for me, while my car is in the shop . Well, I contacted her 2 days before we were supposed to be found in the body shop and she said it was good to go and there would be no problem. The day we were going to meet (yesterday ) called me and sent a message to their numerous occasions, all of which were not returned. I talked to the police department and they said they could file a hit and run on it , so I'm considering. He sent a text today saying that since she could not contact me so that I would be filing a complaint against him, and of course she immediately text back to their defense. She simply said it was not total , however , I understand. I'm getting more nervous as time goes on however, she just go away on me and my new car to work very hard to pay for never going to fix . Can someone please give me some advice on what to do. Any little bit helps. Thank you !
Someone kicked a dent in my car door in the middle of the night. Filed police report immediately. Person not caught. I have comprehensive coverage with 500 ded. Is it worth filing an insurance claim0Cara2012-03-05 14:57:21
Someone kicked a dent in the door of my car in the middle of the night. Filed police report immediately. The person is not caught. I have a wide coverage with 500 DED . Is it worthwhile to file an insurance claim
Collision or Comprehensive?2Tired â¿´ s. -2012-11-03 07:57:02
My husband hit a pothole and cracked the edge ... so we called our insurance and they said it was the collision and I have a $ 500 collision duductable ! ? ! Would not that be considered complete , as their inevitable?
Do my car needs collision and comprehensive coverage?0Steve2012-09-09 08:33:03
I recently bought a used 1997 Toyota Camry . Is it really necessary to buy coverage coll and comp. If not, what happens when the car is stolen . ? I can claim from the insurance company for the stolen car , if I have no coverage coll and comp? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also , what would be the best coverage limits of liabilities ?
Would this be covered by Collision or Comprehensive?1Oma2012-05-24 08:43:30
My car rolled into another car vacuum vacuum in a parking lot. I can not say for sure if the parking brake is not or was not fully occupied . Was this an accident be covered under collision or comprehensive? Our insurance company said to be a collision - almost definitely pulled me out of our politics - but my husband thinks I should be covered by our comprehensive and there was no one in either vehicle . Who is right ? Thank you !
Car was 95% loss, should I keep comprehensive/collision?2Norville2012-01-15 18:53:47
Recently I accidentally drove the car into a fence. Geico insurance pays the owner of the fence and gave me a check for damages to the car and saw a loss of 95 %. If I get into another accident and I'm at fault , they will pay again if we consider a loss of 95 %? Is there any reason to keep full coverage / collision ? Obviously , maintaining responsibility! Thank you !

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