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  • Toxic amateurs embellish and exaggerate

Such a technique, called hyperbole, is suitable for writers - books will be more interesting to read. It is used to enhance expressiveness and emphasize the spoken thought. But in life, a person who embellishes his merits and at the same time turns into dust the merits of other people, at least, causes bewilderment. And can such people be trusted? More often they turn out to be liars, the truth is revealed, and they are blacklisted. After all, no one likes it when they lie.

  • They should work in the tabloids!

They say you can build a career on gossip. I even saw such specimens. I confess that in my youth I sometimes gossiped with colleagues and friends (well, who of us is not a sinner?), And then received such a “kickback” from life that I swore not to do it. Gossip takes both strength and energy. The emotional devastation that followed the conversations I didn't like at all. It fettered hands and feet, did not allow the development of imagination, I just could not work.

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