You May Only Really Expire If You Misplay

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You may only really expire if you misplay. In your case, you should look at local and EVE Mobile ISK  if you see people pop in, monitor enemy ships nearby(custom frame recommended) and should they warp in, you twist out.The problem lies in (I suspect) there being a greater ratio of casuals to hardcore. Push them away and who'll pay the bills? ISK must come from somewhere and alphas aren't injecting ISK to the economy.It's a mobile game, you will have more casual gamers. It is a fact of mobile games.

Want a hardcore Eve experience? Fantastic news! There's already a fantastic game for that. Eve Online.Eve Echoes should have hardcore elements, but it doesn't have to become EO. It's a portable game and needs to keep that in mind when it makes changes that significantly affect the play of this sport and the playerbase.Not how things operate on mobile games, rather than how things work when droves of individuals stop a match. This isnt computer infant girl, games with little playerbase arent respected and their games become shut down. It won't stay up like eve online unless it could keep players remain on the charts/profitable. Echoes doesnt need to mirror eve on the internet and when something doesnt work it should be removed or refit for this mobile game not a computer game.

I agree it should be reworked but allowing afk warping to bypass warp disruptors is not a good idea.A better idea is to offer ways in large security room to acquire equivalent items that you may from null or low sec but at a EVE Echoes ISK For Sale  much more time or less often. If you can do everything you can currently do in null from the security of top sec but in a significantly slower rate, would the majority of gamers care about the change?Saying it isnt a good idea doesnt make it so, why is it bad? Why don't you just add a penalty where optional risk free travel can be obtained but at much slower speed?


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