Another Thought About The Maples

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Okay, I basicly wanted a seccond opinion in my calculation, I had been attempting to work out the number of bronze arrows it'd take to have from 70 to 99 Ranging on Fire Giants, while wearing Total Void Knight Range and a Dark Bow (among other things). Well, this goes, copyed directly from notepad and with RuneScape gold  helpfull notes added/ 13034431 (exp to get 99) - 737627 (exp to get 70) = 12296804 (exp to acquire from 70 - 99). 12296804 (exp to get from 70 - 99) / / 444 (exp per flame giant) = 27695 (required number of fire giants to kill). 10 (Max Strike at Level 70). 5 (average hit). 111 / 5 = 22.2 (required number of arrows per Fire phone ). 28000 (amount of Fire Giants, + several ) * 30 (essential number of arrows per fire giant, + a few) = 840000 (absolute reccomended amount of arrows)

There, so I figured it would be about 850k. So basicly, have got it right? Yes, I know I overexagerated a lot pretty much everywhere but it's wonderful to have more than you need. Thanks. Also, I know there are 3 amulets which have a black string and green stone, one is Glarials Amulet (Waterfall quest), one is your Gnome Amulet (Tree Gnome Villiage) but what is the other? Why should I get it back?

You're able to melee, range or mage them. I would say range, watching your melee and magical levels are somewhat low. Take a rune crossbow with ~2k adamant bolts (based on how long your staying, 1k is enough for a shorter excursion ), an anti-dragonbreath protect, full dragonhide with archer helm and snakeskin boots, ring of wealth, and also the very best Runescape 3 gold  RFD gauntlets you can wear/black dhide vambs. Also an ava's accumulator. Bring far better equipment if you can manage to attract it (and lose it). In your inventory, you are able to take about 6-8 antifire potions (depending on how long you intend on remaining ), a woodcutting axe and 875 gp (to access the dragons), a few nature and fire runes always help alch drops like rune limbs, some sapphire (electronic ) bolts are great to poisen the dragons in the start, which can help a bit, then switch to addy bolts (optional). 


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