Guthix Was The Strongest Of This"Ordinary"

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The third fight and the twisting of Andre: One day gaia wolf said he had had enough of making events and people not coming and said the rest of the clan could create the events andre then OSRS gold  made a cw event only gaia andre and stats arrived andre then went into the fourms and left a thred termed im sick of this this is exactly what occurred :'m sick of the I create event and no one comes even though you say you will I also excuse the people who can't come cause of real life issues. Gaia subsequently backed Andre up saying im ashamed of you men for not coming.

People said the had things to do in actual life and said look at the article and that he explained he excuses real life problems gta then secured the ribbon for making another clan members offended even though Andre had a valid point and had excused people on real-life issues. A couple of months later Andre was told he was being kicked out of the clan and left a fantastic bye thread Andre was sadden when no one posted on him gta secured it his account was then deleted even though Andre pleaded with gta that he could still view the fourms. Additional noteson find evidence Andre discovered the gaia and cheese needed to post on his proportions fourm and I think lots of different people did want to too.

Ranger jay left because the clan was dormant not because of Andre. Gta lied and and made changes to the clan only so Andre could be stored out. Gta also stated andre haxed when he does not and he twisted this around when I stated to him about 42 and 62 and the way I believe he had been haxed. Gta has great Old school runescape buy gold  me my clan place along with my friends he's made lies and scandals to get rid of andre and is tricking the clan. Below is proof of this. The clan is failing allowing scammers and account traders in but I invite gta for becoming ri of ranger jay but I don like how we keeped necro passion as right now account trading is your worst to do today following these updates.


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