I Went All In With Just Two Accounts

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I wish I could play EVE Mobile ISK  this game between actual life than just taking away from it or the other games that I love. I need it to be a different game I love and not the only match I love.Yup. I awakened on Omega so I'll likely fart around casually for some time seeing how it works out for a couple more weeks then uninstall if nothing is done.

I concur. I believe there has to be a differentiation between both platforms. EO and EE have to possess some differences because of the fact that EE is performed on mobile devices. It appears there are several EO concepts that are implemented in EE which make it less mobile friendly. I don't have difficulty with those game mechanics in EO. However they ought to be tweaked if this is supposed to be a cellular game. I don't think us cellular players are asking for an authentic, honest, committed EO encounter but on our telephones. I think we are saying it's okay when we are not getting the authentic EO experience because we understand we're on cellular. If we wanted to real thing we would be playing EO on PC, but we are not. We are here for a mobile-minded version of Eve, not a EO port to mobile.

The UI right now is not mobile friendly in any way. It is fiddly and frequently times badly laid out.Hell consider the conversation. It is garbage.Playing EE in an emulator? Solves almost all the UI issues since it is bigger and also a mouse makes it so much simpler to click on nice details.Bottom line, it is a portable Buy EVE Echoes ISK  game and needs to be geared towards that environment and those players. Mobile games shouldn't need to be baby sat or require a lot of effort to do small things like refresh market windows. They've a good deal of work to do.


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