If We Made The Map Bigger It'D Surely Be Useful

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If Jagex had asked players about EoC we'd have likely got double wielding, the ability things like emotes and item dropping and then a slower development from that point. If whatsoever. These things would have made for a happier place at the moment. I believe that it's crazy that Jagex refuses to ask RuneScape gold  players what they need. It's like they can't handle change unless they restrain it. In this instance, the latest quest seems apt.

The market is down since a great deal of gamers have recently stop playing. This usually means that there is a lot of things like rocktails, sharks, ore, pubs, armour, etc. . game and not enough people buying them, so the price of the items mentioned are crashing. A good deal of armour has crashed for this, however they will eventually balance out.One of the best things Jagex can do would be to eliminate the majority of the teleports in the game, or create them quite somewhat harder to use beyond basic heartbeat teleportation. Secondly, it might do well to significantly increase the size of virtually everything. The more wild lands there may be, the longer we'd feel immersed in the fantasy world where we are the adventurers who travel in the height of civilisation to the interiors of badlands.

Inevitably, using a properly large draw space the small dimensions of the map will probably be obvious. A few key changes jagex could make to alleviate this: Reshape mountain ranges. Making them feel more realistic and making rivers and so forth stream well from them could be massive in making the map more credible. Make the forests enormous. Truly, much bigger. Including swamps etc.. Making them bigger the further from civilisation we proceed would make those places feel considerably more wild.

Add more danger to the interior of those forests. Most of the map reflects a universe which is logical for a mid to low level participant, to whom dragon would be an unusual material to view and Barrows armour really rare. The most dangerous places just aren't dangerous. Literally adding boss monsters to the centers of these forests would significantly increase their Rs 3 gold  threat. However, that is only possible if these areas are large enough that you could go around them if you understand where you are. Make the in-game world map less exact. If you could make it so that players had to research each area before it was completely documented in the map that would make a large difference to the adventuring feel. New lands would really be alien.


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