How To Share And Collaborate With Other Individuals

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I believe the god wars will be triggered by bilrach... unknowingly. I guess that guthix (yes guthix) is sleeping in the bottom of daemonheim. Bilrach intends to repeat zamorak's rise to godhood by banishing guthix. With RS gold  no guthix and his edicts, Zaros should easily overwhelm saradomin and zamorak (he'd superiority over them at the second age.) . The one exception is when bilrach belongs to Zamoraks side. Since Zamorak would probably be zaros's first target, this would cut zaros's first attack short due to the very first stage failing and cause gielenor to collapse into god wars. Several other dieties will likely immigrate to the plane, furthering the battle. Lucien may or may not rise to power before this.

If he rises before, I think that it's not likely that he will combine zamorak and bilrach's coalition. If he rises through the battle (which is improbable (stone of jas= make essence anyplace = huge advantage magicwise = everyone hoping to mug and kill lucien)) he will probably possibly join a coalition or flee gielenor. Nomad is aware of at least one of the schemes going on and is trying to stop it... (unless he is insane or merely trying to trick us). Thats my view, therefore whats yours?

Before now there were three sets of Third Age Equipment: Melee, Magic and Ranged. These armor sets are very rare rewards from level 3 hint scrolls which look nice and have good stats for non-degradable armor. All the collections are extremely expensive due to their appearances and rarity, though their stats are comparable to this less-rare and less costly armor dropped by the directors in the God Wars Dungeon.

Today (or maybe yesterday a year ago, depending on when you read this. Same is true for over lol.) , along with a whole lot of other new treasure route benefits, a fourth set came out called'Third Age Druidic Equipment' which provides a top prayer bonus. Surprisingly, this Third Age armor is a benefit from level 4 hint scrolls instead of level 3 just like all the additional sets and has been released with Runescape 2107 gold  a higher market cost (245mil!) Than all the other 3rd age equipment, though at first glance it does not seem far better than others. Because of this and the fact that the new set's stats are like other considerably cheaper sets such as proselyte armor, some people are complaining the druidic set isn't good enough. I disagree. 


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