Would You Run in a Gorilla Costume?

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During January 2011, Austin, Texas was host to a band of gorillas ran through the downtown streets. Were they on the loose from the zoo? No, these athletic apes were actually humans dressed in costume, it was all part of a 5K Gorilla  icon Courtesy By Icon Fair  Run to benefit the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Funds. As part of the entry fee, participants were given a full-body gorilla suit to wear during the race; which by the way, could be run, walked, roller-skated, biked or completed by some other form of conveyance.

The point of the event wasn't about winning; it was about raising funds to help Ugandans, Rwandans and citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo with veterinary training in the hopes to help protect the highly endangered Mountain Gorilla. In 1987, there were only 248 mountain gorillas and today there are now 720, thanks in part to fundraising events like the Gorilla Run. If you're not familiar with the topic just remember the Gorillas in the Mist documentary movie about the work of scientist Diane Fossey.

The interesting thing about the Gorilla Run isn't just that people jog 3.1 miles in gorilla suits; it's that there is a "costume the costume" mentality where each and every person tries to make their gorilla costume unique. You'll see everything from Adam and Eve gorillas and Eighties-inspired aerobic leotard gorillas to business men gorillas and gorilla suits topped with t-shirts sporting all sorts of crazy sayings. The pink tutu is also a popular accessory for the gorilla suit we've noticed!

Gorilla suits aren't the only humorous costumes out on the roads. The lead bicyclists that ride ahead of the runners are decked out in banana costumes, like dangling the proverbial carrot in from of the hare. Austin isn't the only town with a Gorilla Run; Denver has one as well as a few other locations too! If you're looking for a reason to wear a gorilla costume drink free Silverback beer and support a good cause, this is your kind of monkey business. 


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