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Keto Slim XT:Corrects the digestion and cure constipation, poor bowel movements0johnabernathy2019-05-16 23:16:18
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YooSlim:Corrects the digestion and cure constipation, poor bowel movements0kathericarter2019-05-20 22:32:04
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Problems with stomach and bowel movements.?0No,Sir2012-07-11 22:52:02
I am a woman of 18 years old and for about six years I have had problems with my bowel movements. I'll have two weeks of normal then I will have three weeks of diarrhea followed by constipation two days (this is an estimate). This has continued on a normal basis ans I honestly used to it. However, since the beginning of this year I have gradually realized the different symptoms. I am very bloated and gained a few kilos, but I do not understand how. I am also very tired all the time. I am a college student in my second year, however, these symptoms prevent me from performing at my best. Just this month I had an "episode" which began as chills ... (About 3:00 pm) then spread to my stomach with pain in the left side. Was continued for about two hours ... Then I started to vomit, my stomach still leaves me in agony. (About 1:00 am) I finally stopped throwing up around 5:00 am, but there was a small amount of blood .. My stomach was still in pain. It did not hurt to touch or anything. About 11:00 am I was finally able to establish, because the pain had subsided a little. The rest of the week I got tired a nauseating. But that also left. Two days ago I started my phase of diarrhea again and now I have blood in my stool. When it is not that bad of diarrhea is small specks that cover and are in my stool. My stomach still hurts inside and out, but nowhere near that one day .. I drink plenty of water and have to take fiber supplements hoping to see improvement .. But I have not. I know I need to see a doctor but can not afford and am waiting to be approved by insurance .. Can someone at least help cure until you can go to the doctor and get this straightened once and for all .. Thank you very much. Also, I have many times I can not contain my movements and the need of a bath immediately and other times I feel that way, go to the bathroom and not have to go ..
What are some at home remedies to increase bowel movements?2jerri rose2012-09-16 17:48:04
In the last couple of weeks I could just go, this is a serious question , I searched the web . I can not find anything. I have no insurance so I can not go to my doctor. I've been going once every 7 days. I am taking fiber pills , but there seems to be helping. Any ideas ? I've been under stress lately, say to avoid constipation , but even I feel like I have to go. I need advice.
Stomach cramps, constant bowel movements... Help?0u have m.p.s. 2012-07-18 09:15:02
Particularly today , Ive been having stomach pains every time I eat ... Then go to the bathroom, but no diahrea . I have the feeling of bubbles in the stomach and has not gone, no matter what I do. I want to eat so bad that I have not eaten much today, but the cramps in the stomach will not go away are terrible ... And I do not want to eat and make me feel like I need 2 go wrong. This is not the only time this has happened . Usually I just eat and feel nauseated and will (not pregnant ), but now today it seems to have worsened. When I get stomach cramps and pain adominal is usually removed a lot lately and now it has been all day and eat with me intefering ... What should I do plz help I can not go to a doctor without insurance ...
Question About Bowel Movements. Answers are gladly apperciated.?0fad2012-10-27 12:31:20
Hello , I have 18 years old , 156 ibs and 5'4 " . 've Been experiencing mucus in my stool , and when I clean for over a year ... which started WHITE ... now the color is dark orange .. . I can always check the toilet as often , and yesterday I checked one of my stool , and you know what it looks like poop in the toilet , with cracks in the stool , and small cracks are filled with dark orange mucus . o .. w / e is . 've had abdominal pain , but not serious ... is more of a 2 or a 3 on the pain scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst ) . MedlinePlus My diet ... is TERRIBLE . A lot of fatty foods ... > < And honestly , no water ... SODA only . Also also ... I have bowel movement every 2-3 days ... MedlinePlus :/ So , do you think I'm not getting enough water in my diet , and fiber ? Also for these cramps feel like menstral cramps ... so I'm thinking it's part of them .. I can not say , its mainly in the lower left ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sorry for the details are always so arguing ... ALSO ALSO . Do not tell me to go to the doctor ... cause that is already in the realm of possibility is ... but not this time because I have no health insurance . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So , what do you think? Something I should be worried ? Have you ever experienced this ? MedlinePlus ALSO ... I'm thinking I might have IBS ... :/
Maxx Power Libido:Cure sexual dysfunction, poor erections and low libido0theriison2019-05-23 03:39:52
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Maxx Power Libido:Cure sexual dysfunction, poor erections and low libido0barryfrye2019-05-28 23:28:01
We can narrow that down to the timeless beliefs regarding Maxx Power Libido. This is for those of you with a Maxx Power Libido that enables a grounding for a Maxx Power Libido . Their Maxx Power Libido models are their best selling Maxx Power Libido but there are many others that are available too. There was only a tiny amount remaining when I got there. Maxx Power Libido is really off-the-wall. This has to get worse, before that gets better. I had newcomers emailing me to tell me they'd seen this. I'm still looking for that never ending stream of Maxx Power Libido info. Only they should answer this. It is suggested to follow both at the same time. As with everything, balance is essential. It's the only factor that matters. I'm by the time mentioned seeing a couple of Maxx Power Libido. It appears as if good luck has caught up with them. I saw several glowing reviews on Maxx Power Libido. That is useful but use this wisely. How do you convert Maxx Power Libido into bills? That's over-rated if you ask me. A permit might be required for Maxx Power Libido. What I am going to do in this column is cover those pros and cons of Maxx Power Libido. Let's go mobile.  
Neural Fusion:Avoid fatigue, corrects sleeping disorder0JordanCordova2019-04-25 22:42:11
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Democrats, why do you like making poor kids fat? do you hate poor people in general or just the healthy ones?2u have m.p.s. 2012-10-09 09:44:02
you give them food stamps you feed them 2 or 3 meals at day at public school you feed them 3 meals a day at government funded community centers they can eat like 5 or 6 meals a day, that's not even bringing into the fact that it's the lowest-quality/expensive food in the nation filled with chemicals that cause illness... so you can have everyone buy your friend's products at the health insurance companies to cure the illnesses you give them... wtf? are you guys just crazy or do you actually know what you're doing?(which still implies you're crazy, I guess) no wonder they're all fatty mc fat fats... :|
Who Else Wants To Learn About slim body?1ayannaallen2019-05-10 00:16:38
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5 Essential Elements For slim body0eulabenard2019-04-19 02:29:00
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