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What to do when HP printer prints blank pages?0jamespaul2018-08-12 22:52:10
When the HP printer print blank pages and you have to print some urgent documents, this can be an irritating moment for you. However, instead of blaming the printer you should try to fix the problem with the help of following steps. 1.   Check the ink toner. 2.   If it is empty to replace it. 3.   Buy new ink toner and install it on your printer. If you are still facing the same trouble than call on HP Printer Customer Support Number 1-800-234-6190. This is a toll-free number that is always assessable for the HP printer users. Visit here: HP Printer Customer Care Number   
Write a program to calculates and prints the monthly paycheck for an employee.The net pay is calculate after t?0melynda2012-09-12 18:59:03
Write a program that calculates and prints the monthly paycheck employee.The net salary is calculated after taking the following deductions: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Federal Income Tax: 15% MedlinePlus State Tax: 3.5% MedlinePlus Social Security Tax: 5.75% MedlinePlus Medicare / Medicaid Tax: 2.75% MedlinePlus Pension Plan: 5% MedlinePlus Health Insurance: 75% MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Your program should ask the user to enter the gross amount and the employee performance name.The be stored in a departure file.Format be two decimal outputs places.A follows: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Allison Nields MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Gross Amount: $ 3,575.00 MedlinePlus Federal Tax: $ 536.25 MedlinePlus State Taxes: $ 125.13 MedlinePlus Social Security Tax: $ 205.56 MedlinePlus Medicare / Medicaid fiscal: MedlinePlus $ 98.31 Pension Plan: $ 178.75 MedlinePlus Health Insurance: MedlinePlus $ 75.00 Net pay: $ 2,356.00 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How I can do, I tried to change, but there are some bugs in the program, the answer should be like this example: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus javax.swing.JOptionPane import; MedlinePlus MedlinePlus public class CH3EX3 MedlinePlus {MedlinePlus public static void main (String [] args) MedlinePlus {MedlinePlus InputStr Chain; MedlinePlus OutputStr Chain; MedlinePlus AssessedValue int = 100000; MedlinePlus Double TaxableAmount = 92; MedlinePlus Double TaxRate = 1.05, MedlinePlus Double PropertyTax; MedlinePlus MedlinePlus InputStr = JOptionPane.showInputDialog MedlinePlus ("Please enter the appraised value of the property."); MedlinePlus AssessedValue = Integer.parseInt (InputStr); MedlinePlus MedlinePlus TaxableAmount = AssessedValue * TaxableAmount; MedlinePlus PropertyTax = TaxRate * AssessedValue / 100; MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus outputStr = "Assessed Value:" + AssessedValue + " n" MedlinePlus + "Taxable income: $" MedlinePlus + String.Format ("% .2 f", TaxableAmount) + " n" MedlinePlus + "Tax Rate: $" MedlinePlus + String.Format ("% .2 f", TaxRate) + " n" MedlinePlus + "Property Tax: $" MedlinePlus + String.Format ("% .2 f", PropertyTax); MedlinePlus JOptionPane.showMessageDialog (null, outputStr, "Property taxes calculated" JOptionPane.INFORMATION_MESSAGE); MedlinePlus System.exit (0); MedlinePlus MedlinePlus} MedlinePlus}
Why are there all kinds of ads on the internet home pages....?0aadkfjldjf2012-09-27 08:15:05
that say stuff like "Obama wants moms to go back to school!" Or Obama wants this or that? I do not understand. If they are advertising for loans and insurance rates and that kind of thing, why make it look like Obama wants it? Is that supposed to make people want to do it, too? I mean, I never saw anything like "Clinton wants you to save on your insurance" or Bush wants moms to get their degree". I think it is kind of creepy. Does anyone know the answer? Thanks in advance!
My daughter receives a blank ticket from the CHP.?0yatish2012-07-29 00:12:58
My daughter and a friend both 25 yrs old where pulled over one Friday evening by the "CHP" while driving from Oakland to San Francisco on the "Bay Bridge". It was a Officer on a motorcycle, and he pulled them over just as the bridge ends on the SF side on an exit ramp The officer walks up to her window (drivers side) and hands her what appears to be a citation whithout saying anything and then walks back to his motorcycle and drives off. My daughter somewhat confused then calls me at work and explains that she had just been pulled over and was given a citation whithout any explanation or even a request to see her DL or proof of insurance. I ask her if she was speeding she says No!, she said that the ticket is blank from top to bottom. I asked her to look at the back and she says there's a phone number written on it.......now I'm pissed off as a father, what to do!
Signing a blank contract for insurance?0ashwaq2012-07-21 21:15:03
My parents signed a blank contract (stupid imo) for car and auto insurance. Is this illegal? They had only signed saturday (today is wednesday) and it is Ontario (Canada) law that one has about a week to cancel a contract. I want my parents to cancel asap my mom agrees. Is having a blank contract illegal?
Why do auto insurance companies ask for previous declarations pages?0Adams2012-06-29 04:15:02
My previous declarations page shows the amount of premiums paid . I'm afraid my my new insurance company will use that information to increase the price on my next renewal. ¿ I can cross that information sent back ?
Have any awesome ideas for a Yellow Pages ad for an Insurance company?0swendy2012-07-12 09:09:02
It seems that all look the same . How I can make my client the insurance agency of attention? This particular book has only black , white and yellow colors , and we have an announcement about a dollar bill sized repeated in several categories.
What do you do if the phone off and it has insurance and the sreen blank and you want to get back on0Miss Beatriz d Valle is in love with Jac 2012-02-07 00:20:35
What if the phone and not have insurance and the blank sreen and to return to the
I have a problem accessing links/boxes on web pages that use javascript to move to a different URL?0Yasmina2012-09-28 15:08:02
eg directline.com if I click "get quote now ' just arrived explosion sound and nothing happens - I can not go further . confused.com Another example is with " car insurance "and" home insurance . These links appear in the footer "javascript : url open new window ' or ' : go to car insurance . Can anyone help me solve ?
Would it take you 1000 pages to write a health insurance reform bill?2P'yongyang2012-08-07 19:41:44
It would take 1,000 pages to write health insurance reform law ?
How many pages of ObamaCare address the real problem with our Health Care system?0Joe Smith2012-10-20 00:53:18
The problem with our health care has never been Access. MedlinePlus There are plenty of access . Open your local yellow pages MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The problem with our health care quality has never been MedlinePlus We have some of the best technologies in the world MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The problem is not "obscene " Health Insurance benefits MedlinePlus They rank # 129 industry@4.5 % gain on MedlinePlus http://biz.yahoo.com/p/sum_qpmd.html < / a> MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The problem has always been the underlying cause of high insurance premiums . MedlinePlus As the rising costs of medical procedures and why are increasing. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So how ObamaCare address the real problem ?
Does anybody know why Farmers Insurance would require me to sign a blank "statement of fact"?1Holden2012-04-26 01:04:32
Someone ran a red light and hit me. Was admitted to the COP. Your insurance is through farmers. Farmers admitted that the driver was 100 % at fault . My car was a total loss, ie a total loss. The insurance company offered an amount that was not great, but I could live with . They demand that I release my car with them and they take that same day, signed the title to them, and I sign a blank " statement of fact ." Then send check me 4 days later. They have never given me anything in writing, stating that I will pay anything, goes into the phone. also claim that it is impossible that none of this should be done in person. Is not that strange sound and why someone needs a blank form signed , much less one that is entitled " statement of fact "? What could be trying to pull or are just arrogant? How I can get legal help when there are no injuries and the money is not great for greedy lawyers ? How long I can go by car to refuse to sign the documents until it is reasonable and in person? I have heard farmers is the worst, but does anyone know any class action I can join against them ? By the way, my insurance is of no help, because I only had the responsibility for what you do not have to pay anything.

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