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Reduce unwanted activations of Alexa2Sara Smith2018-06-07 21:10:09
I need to remove unwanted acivations of my Alexa. Please tell me how to do that.
How to reconnect Alexa with the Internet?3Sara Smith2018-08-16 01:32:19
I am unable to reconnect my Alexa with the internet. Please me to reconnect it.
How to install and set up the Alexa app for Mac OS device?1echoalexasupport2018-11-01 20:54:10
For installation and setup of Alexa app for Mac OS, you will need to use a third-party application. You can install Reverb app on your Mac and then you will able to use Alexa. 1.Launch App store on Mac and install reverb app. 2.Then install Alexa app on Mac. 3.Connect the Alexa app with Echo device. 4.To get more information you can dial Echo Alexa customer care   and reach to experts.  
How to change language on Alexa?4Sara Smith2018-08-16 01:35:15
I need help to change the language on my Alexa. Please help to change it.
Unwanted childsupport?0SchuRonda2012-07-19 01:54:04
Okay, I'm 16(17 in august) and i have a 4.5 month old. I live with my mom and she wants the father to start paying child support even though we are still together and we don't have any intention of breaking up. After this year, when i graduate and start college, we will be living together and there will be no need for child support. He buys all of her stuff, and mine, anyways. He buys the diapers, the food, the wipes, and even toys when he has the extra money. He has payed for more things of mine than my mom has since I've known him (homecoming, field trips, school fees, school club fees, etc.) Without him, I wouldn't have been able to do the things that i wanted to do because my mom doesn't buy me things. Is there any way that me and my boyfriend can make it so that he does not have to pay it at all? He works at walmart, so his paychecks aren't super fantastic. He is living with his friend and his friend's parents because of family issues with his mom and he planned to move out when he starts college this fall. If my mom makes it so he has to pay too much child support, he wouldn't be able to pay for rent, insurance, phone bill, and food. Is there any way?
Do i have to pay for unwanted insurance offered by my employer?0Wyman2012-07-10 13:35:05
County Gov employer offers dental insurance to employees have to pay, but not allow employees to opt for dental insurance .
How to purchase unwanted life insurance policies?0Castor2012-09-04 19:02:03
I am an investor looking for a website to buy life insurance policies unwanted / no matter domestic or international .
Any way to remove the need for unneeded and unwanted flood insurance on a home?0~Bootyliciou$_B@Be~ 2012-10-10 10:21:46
I'm in the process of buying a house , but the bank is now telling me that we have to pay flood insurance or they do not give me a mortgage . I know the area and I have family that live near this house for years , so I know the area is not flooded . There is a small stream that runs along the back of the property line and they are saying this makes the area a flood zone A 2 that requires flood insurance. The stream runs in a channel and launched a sewer only as much water can pass under it so that there is little or no chance of this part of the river will be flooded . I do not want to pay because it is losing money ! Is there any way I can have the need for this safety off. I do not want to throw my money !
How can I get rid of Unwanted (More than 1000 Per month)SMS sent by Life Insurance Corporation Of India?0sefako2012-07-20 02:37:05
I very good friend of mine has an unwanted house guest how does he about removing him?1*Mean~ppl~need~prozak* 2012-05-13 09:43:13
We live in Washington state . My mom friends have this open house and let your child stay there without paying rent simply maintaining / improving and paying property taxes and, of course , regular utilities and whatever. He had what used to be a good friend who ran into hard times and so let him stay with him for what was supposed to be a couple of months while on their feet again . Well, its now over a year and a half and this person does not pay the bills and is just an opportunist . My friend has told this person several times to leave and just listen usual. My friend is very nice a man to pack up and leave their trash in the yard and change the locks, but he is at his wits end because this person has begun to address within the legal relations at my friends ! People come in all hours of day and night , whether my friend 's home or at work. 95% of these people do not know my friend and told this person to not bring these people home. She said her mother was actually looking for a formal eviction this person but I do not know exactly what she has and if they have served with him or what. What can you do to get this guy? I feel my friend is going to have nervous breakdown soon if not resolved .
Does anyone know how to stop an unwanted caller who calls your cell ph w/an automated voice message?1chinchilla2012-06-19 14:48:22
The number of Nevada 702 520-1467 keeps calling me saying I'm running out of time to get some special auto insurance . They call my cell phone about 3 times a day, a couple of times a week and from an automated message every time I do not know what to do about it . Obviously , very annoying and I do not even own a car. WTF ?
What is the easiest way to stop unwanted calls from local insurance agent? I have been receiving nuisance now.4Edrea2012-09-10 01:40:02
What is the easiest way to avoid unwanted calls from local insurance agent ? I've been getting complaints now.

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