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Is Planning One's Trip Better Than Hiring Travel Agents?1MarjorieFisher2017-01-30 00:11:34
Is planning one's trip better than hiring Travel Agents?
What company has the cheapest single trip travel insurance for a trip to australia for the over 70's?0R S Telagathoty Edlapadu2012-06-29 19:23:03
I looking to get as cheap as possible travel insurance to visit my entire family in Australia, can anyone help?
I am planning a trip to Japan! Help me Guys!?0miss marsha2012-11-02 04:22:47
I am going top Japan on 5th January 2013 after Christmas. I am going to be staying with a Home stay Family. although, I am only 17 years old. Will this be possible? This question will be resolved also by the Embassy of Japan UK but they haven't replied yet so I wanted to hear what you guys thought? I have GCSE Japanese and understand the Language. I will have purchased the return flight and home stay to Tokyo. Also all insurance will be Purchased! My Parents have also granted permission for me to go for up to 2 weeks.
Planning Hong Kong & Macau Vacation Trip?1viewholidaytrip2019-03-01 05:15:42
Book your Hong Kong  & Macau Holiday Tour Packages Online with India's Trusted Tour and Travels Agency. Make Your Hong Kong & Macau Holiday a Memorable Experience. Book Hongkong package  Now!
I need travel Insurance for a trip around the world?0Tremaine2012-07-03 19:45:02
My wife and I are going to travel in October and would like travel insurance for a year, any suggestion, I had a look around and there are policies available for many is a nightmare trying to solve a ..
What's the best travel insurance to take for my trip from Ireland to America?0Timmy Adams2012-07-12 01:46:48
I'm heading to the states for a week soon and was was hoping some people could recommend an insurance company. Thanks in advance :)
How can I get travel insurance on a trip booked in January?0margot2012-07-08 00:33:12
I have looked at a few insurance websites and they all seem to say the insurance must be obtained within 15 days of travel booking. Well, I paid for the trip in January and it's for late July. I had no idea I'd need to get insurance my mid-February. Does anyone know of any travel insurance companies without this requirement?
Can I get travel insurance for 2 days to cover RWC trip?0Smithen2012-07-09 11:38:02
Going to the Rugby World Cup semi final tomorrow. Does anyone know if I can get travel insurance to cover me for just 2 days? I need it cheap otherwise I won't bother.
Travel insurance recommendations for an unusual trip?0Leila2012-05-21 19:58:14
In a couple of weeks I will travel to rural Peru to conduct field work in pretty unpleasant in the Andes, and in the jungle. I know some people have asked about travel insurance before, but I'm looking for something heavier (especially health WRT) if I need serious treatment . Does anyone have any recommendations ? Thank you !
A good multi trip travel insurance?0magpie2012-08-01 15:01:02
I'm 16 years old and my mum is 54. Last week she had a double heart bypass and is recovering well. We both want to go on holiday later on in the year. She DID have ischaemic heart disease, but the bypass has cured that. However she does still have diabetes and because of her recent procedure,for travel insurance will cost a few hundred pounds on top of the holiday for her alone. I think that a multi trip yearly insurance would be better. But theres hundreds of questions asked and as I said the insurance would cost a lot, as I know someone who had a double heart bypass and his insurance was
Does anybody know any good travel insurance for a 2-week trip to Europe???0yuna2012-08-10 14:49:40
Travel insurance , delays , lost luggage , illness or accident , theft or loss of the camera or laptop , life insurance in case of plane malfunction .....
Where can I get reasonably priced travel insurance for a long stay trip when I've had Cancer?0Sohpia2012-07-10 00:01:02
I was diagnosed with a rare, but low grade, bone cancer in November 2007. I've since had 3 operations to remove it, the most recent being an endoprosthetic replacement 2 years and 3 months ago. I am going to move abroad for 6 months next year and want to find a travel insurance policy that covers me should the worst happen but doesn't cost the earth! I should mention that all my check ups since the last op have been clear (touch wood) and I've never need Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy.

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