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WOrd prOblems....10 POINTS FOR CORRECT ANSWERS! =)?0Sia2012-11-04 20:42:34
The body mass index, I, can be used to determine an individuals risk for heart disease. An index less than 25 indicates a low risk. The body mass index is given by the formula, or model, I=200W over H to the 2 power, where w=weight in pounds, and h=height, in inches. Francis weishs 184 pounds and stands 73 inches tall. What is his approximate body mass index? Find an inequality describing all weights W that Francis can have and be in the low-risk category. ALSO: Bayside Insurance offers two health plans. Under plan A, Giselle would have to pay the first $130 of her medical bills, plus 35% of the rest. Under plan B, Giselle would pay the first $220, but only 30% of the rest. For what amount of medical bills will plan B save Giselle money? Assume she has over $200 in bills.
Accounting Help please?.... I need to see if iv gotten the correct answers.?1derrica2016-11-19 18:49:07
Identify each of the following expenditures from a Land ) , B ) land improvements , C ) , D ) Machinery and equipment Buildings or E ) represents another MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) The cost of paving parking for employees and customers 2) Insurance during construction of the building from MedlinePlus 3) intrest loan incurred during construction of building MedlinePlus 4) Fee paid for the installation of MedlinePlus 5) special foundation for new equipment purchased MedlinePlus 6) Security of new equipment while in transit MedlinePlus 7) Transport costs in new equipment MedlinePlus 8) cost of repairing damage to equipment during installation vandalism MedlinePlus 9) sales tax on new equipment MedlinePlus 10) Costs incurred in repairing the damage caused by the installation of new equipment MedlinePlus 11) the purchase of land for the construction of filling MedlinePlus site 12) cost of lubricating oil purchased for regular oil changes for equipment MedlinePlus 13) parking light MedlinePlus 14) Installing a fence around parking MedlinePlus 15) repaint the trim on a building MedlinePlus 16) Evaluation attention to the city for the extension of water main on property MedlinePlus 17) cost of the demolition and removal of the old building on the property acquired by a work MedlinePlus 18) delinquent real estate taxes paid by the buyer of the property acquired by a work MedlinePlus 19) Lawyers fee for title search MedlinePlus 20) Archtiects payment for building plans and construction supervision
Choose the correct answers.?1lizard2012-10-26 11:24:02
Dilford Jane receives a student rate of $ 30.00 a month for health insurance. There is a $ 250 deductible , but coinsurance payment . Recently been treated for a covered condition . The bill was $ 2,550.00 insurance company Jane provided the payment of 80 % of the bill minus the deductible. What was the payment of the company ? $ A) 2040.00 B) 1840.00 What was the total cost of Jane ( not including the premium )? $ A) 710.00 B) 510.00
Helppp i know some of the answers but i just wanna be correct?3Mike Homework Help2017-07-26 19:12:05
Alcohol changes your ability to respond to emergency situations . MedlinePlus a) true MedlinePlus b ) false MedlinePlus The least dangerous sedative multiple use is the additive factor MedlinePlus a) true MedlinePlus b ) false MedlinePlus Hallucinogens are a type of drug that causes distortion of the drivers______ . MedlinePlus a) the mood MedlinePlus b) the reaction time slows MedlinePlus c ) The causes of the lack of coordination MedlinePlus d ) all of the above . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 99.1% of all crashes are due to operator error . MedlinePlus a) true MedlinePlus b ) false MedlinePlus Defense mechanisms such as denial and sabotage decisions to stop repression MedlinePlus a) true MedlinePlus b ) false MedlinePlus The positive aspects of stress are_______ . MedlinePlus a) flavor b ) The challenge MedlinePlus c ) the opportunity to MedlinePlus d ) all of the above MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Your driving privilege will be revoked least____ years if you kill someone . MedlinePlus a) four MedlinePlus b ) three MedlinePlus c ) two MedlinePlus d) a MedlinePlus liver
Is it possible an Asperger savant may have the answers to our political problems?0duncan2012-09-27 13:49:04
I'm a simple guy say that fell through every possible fissures in U.S. infrastructure and in doing so, they say I know where they are. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have $ 100,000 of misdiagnosis of the hand of the "practice" of medicine and saved my mortal life of celiac disease undetected for more than 20 years and was able to solve the problem with medical science and evidence gene for under $ 200. In my case, could save more than $ 99,800 of the money for health. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am a subcontractor. I have worked exclusively for one drywall contractor for 5 years without even extra work. This technique makes the employee by law. Firm I worked for this man for 5 years, and when I got sick, stole money from me. I have a case, but will lose my home to a disease that politically there is although it may be the most misdiagnosed autoresponder and deadly immune from AIDS, and a legal vacuum system that does not protect those who pay therefore. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm multiple symptomatic. Health care is designed to generate stupid amounts of money. If I have 5 different problems, I have to see my GP 5 times and pay 5 $ 20 co pay. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Then I have to see each individual specialist and then pay 5 different consultations before I need to think about carefully choosing the. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Then I have to pay the 5 proceedures needed and in short, in this type of business practice implimented to insurance companies do not have to pay for multiple emit patients. It is too costly and frustrating, and patients usaually gives up and goes back to work partially treated. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have ideas in my high functioning Asperger systemic autisic autisic mind, but people can not believe the answers outright that I have. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have education in that each gap in the system are achievable only through life experience. My wife is a immagrant and we both know where they sell false social security numbers through the streets of the Danbury Police Station. I know they have dentists practicing in our country without liscenses. I know what they are. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If I can do this all day, President Obama can learn to read more than three words, speech interuptive pointer makes it have? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Would it be better to look for a leader who has the humility and true understanding, or should we keep this up?
Laser gum surgery 10 points answers?0Leigha2012-09-30 19:10:02
So I have a question about some laser gum surgery MedlinePlus 1. How much is the cost of MedlinePlus 2. Does it hurt MedlinePlus 3. Can they do it even though I have braces MedlinePlus 4. Will my insurance cover ( with Medicare) MedlinePlus 5. How long does it take to heal MedlinePlus 6. After your done can cause infection if so , how I can prevent it from happening
Microeconomics help. Multi choice. 10 points. Did I chose the right answers?0Amu2012-07-16 08:49:02
2. We have to make choices because: A.we have unlimited income. B.resources are scarce. C.choices involve a trade-off. D.resources are scarce and because choices involve a trade-off. (my answer) 7.All children have to be immunized against polio, measles, mumps, and other diseases. If you don't have enough money to pay for the immunizations, they will be provided for free at the county health clinic. This statement best represents the economic concept of: A.people usually exploit opportunities to make themselves better off. (my answer) B.resources should be used as efficiently as possible to achieve society's goals. C.when markets don't achieve efficiency, government intervention can improve society's welfare. D.government policies can change spending. An example of a positive statement is: A.the rate of unemployment is 4%.(my answer) B.a high rate of economic growth is good for the country. C.everyone in the country needs to be covered by national health insurance. D.baseball players should not be paid higher salaries than the president of the United States. 24.Rice and potatoes are substitute goods. If the price of rice rises, and there is a bumper crop of potatoes, then in the market for potatoes one would expect that the: A.equilibrium price would rise, fall, or stay the same while equilibrium quantity would rise. B.equilibrium price will rise, while the equilibrium quantity falls. C.equilibrium price and quantity will both fall. (my answer) D.equilibrium price will rise, while the equilibrium quantity could fall, rise, or stay the same.
Microeconomics help. Multi choice. 10 points. Did I chose the right answers?0Tahmina2012-07-08 04:30:04
1 . Economic factors of production are not equally suitable for the production of different types of goods . This principle generates : B. technical efficiency. C.resource underutilization . ( My answer ) D. The law of increasing opportunity cost. 2 . The production possibility frontier will shift outward for which of the following reasons? A. a decrease in the work force B. an update of the capital of the best available technology is currently available C. better technology that improves the productivity of workers ( my answer ) 3 . An economy is said to have a comparative advantage in producing a good if : B. may produce less of all goods from another country. C. has the higher opportunity cost for producing a particular good . ( My answer ) D. has the lowest opportunity cost for producing a particular good . 18 . An example of a positive affirmation is : A. the unemployment rate is 4% . ( My answer ) C. Everyone in the country must be covered by national health insurance . Baseball players D. not be paid higher salaries than the president of the United States. 21 . Which of the following is an example of a normative statement ? B. A high rate of economic growth is good for the country. ( My answer ) C. The federal government spends half its budget on national defense. Millions of Americans D. uninsured .
Car Insurance Claim- Word Vs. Word Denied?0Sar2012-07-10 06:11:02
So I hit a car while parked for a while. I filed a claim with my insurance and the insurance, my car was inspected , and other insurance claimed it was a word against word of what they claim was denied. How I can take the blame when I was parked ? Is there anything I can do?
Probability problem. im not sure whether my answer correct or not. i got 0.09. is it correct?2Dara2017-01-04 23:09:19
An insurance company is in its auto insurance customers and believes that (a ) any guarantee at least one car , ( B ) 85 % said more than one car , ( C ) 23% say a sports car , ( D ) 17 % said more than one car , including a sports car. Find the probability that a randomly selected customer insures exactly one car and is not a sports car.
*10 points to first experienced answer* Insurance question? Body shop problems.....?1Fabian2012-07-04 09:27:04
I have a car that has damage to the body and a small corner of the bumper. The body shop wants to paint my insurance picked up part of the defense and clear coat the whole thing. This makes one side of the bumper match the body and the other side darker than the body ( because that's the way it was before the accident ... car manufaturers problem ) Just because the specific color is hard to match . So , what are my options ? .... The Body Shop wants to do the repair instead of painting the whole bumper to make it even .... They said they will merge, but admitted it would be different on one side than the other. Do I have the power to change body shops once you have accepted one? My car has not been brought yet to begin repairs ... The body shop, said he will have to check with the insurance company to see if you can paint the whole bumper, but what I can do if the insurance company says no?
Stomach ulcer, liver problems, gall bladder problems, or pancreatitis? worried..?0lucas2012-07-07 02:39:02
Ok , so during the last four years I had pain in the upper right quadrant . It starts about 2.1 inches to the left of the bottom of the rib cage and radiates right under my right rib cage and sometimes on my back . I have no health insurance and can not afford to go to the doctor . I've had this pain for the past four years. Is fairly constant, but left a couple of months and now is back again. It is not excruciating pain , but I know there 's something wrong. I do not know what to do. I have had a urinalysis done and told me my urine was perfect. I have been tested for hepatitis C and I have none , so I'm very worried that I might have pancreatitis. Does anyone else know what could cause this dull ? I have only 23 and I am a woman (ignore the user name here, with another person's account , hehe)

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