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So my printer won't work with my computer...?0Anisha2012-11-04 01:55:52
And basically the old computer that works with the other computer can't work email or facebook. so i couldn't think of what else to do other than copy my paper on here because for whatever reason yahoo answers works on that computer. so please don't flag this question!! hahah i guess my question could be, do you think this paper is any good for last minute? lol 9/8/09 Block B4 G3b The Right May Not Agree, but Universal Healthcare Is a Right There is much anticipation throughout the United States concerning the healthcare reform issue. Considering we are in an economic recession, many Americans are hoping that things can be done to improve the economy; healthcare reform is something that many are hopeful will better our economy. However, others feel that it would go horribly wrong, and ultimately bankrupt our country. Economy aside, I would hope that many realize the importance of healthcare. In my opinion, it is a right to all humans. Considering the issue from a political standpoint, it is clearly obvious that healthcare is a right. Currently in the United States, we are a federal republic with democratic principles under a capitalistic economic system and socialism for needed services. These services include the military, public education, police, and welfare. So it should be a surprise that we are lacking socialism with needed services in our medical system for the average American citizen. What is even worse is the hypocrisy that has been in use; the very ones who pass those laws against universal healthcare are the ones enjoying a social medical system. Also, the Preamble to the Constitution states that the United States government will
How to install Brother Printer drivers to your computer?0brotherprintertechsupport2019-05-15 23:53:24
You can refer to the steps below to install the Brother Printer drivers on your PC so that you can begin printing: •Go to the official Brother website and select ‘Download software/drivers’ •When the OS is detected click ‘Full Driver & Software Package’ •Agree to the license agreement and press download •Run the installer, select your preferred language and press ‘OK’ •Select ‘Wireless network connection’ and click ‘Next’ •Check the box that reads ‘Configure through the control panel manually’ •After you mark the ‘Checked and confirmed’ box your computer will automatically search and find your printer and the drivers will start to install If you need any additional help you can always call the Brother Printer customer support number  and speak to a certified expert. Read More: Brother Printer support Visit here: Brother Printer customer support
How to Install Brother Printer Drivers to Your Computer?1brotherprintertechsupport2019-03-13 03:21:09
The printer driver is the software that is installed on the computer to feed data to the printer so that it can complete a task. You can follow the steps given below to install the Brother Printer Driver on your computer: ·   Inset the Brother Printer Driver CD-ROM into your computer ·   Click the Custom installation button ·   Select ‘Printer Driver’ to begin the driver installation process. ·   Complete the steps mentioned in the dialogue boxes to finish installing the printer driver. If you have any trouble installing the driver you can contact Brother Printer customer service number and ask for expert technical assistance. Read More: Brother Printer  tech support number  
Am I responsible for damage to a work computer?0confused gurl2012-09-26 03:09:03
I work in an office that often requires me to take home a laptop from work to complete my work. The laptop is "mine" in the sense that whenever I have the same laptop, and have "my" data stored on it, but the machine itself still belongs to the office, as in, I would not be able to carry me if I left. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Recently, it was time to renew my home insurance, and am a bit confused as to what to do. The laptop is very expensive, and add it to the items specified in my home insurance premium go up by a significant amount. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I had always assumed that my since my job requires me to take the equipment off the premises, that they also would be required to ensure you are adequately covered by your home insurance, however, insist that our home contents cover specify the team as, We are responsible for any damage to the machine that occurs. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If I were to accidentally damage the laptop (obviously, if I were to abuse the computer or neglected leading to injury, I would be responsible), legally, I will be liable for damages? And if it did not include the issue on my deck content, my home insurance did not replace like for like, or gave me a partial solution would be needed to cover the difference in myself? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And if the law is in my favor, but the insurance is insufficient to cover the team, then who is responsible? It could still be held responsible for making a machine that I have said that is not fully covered, or is my boss for allowing this? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus FYI I am located in the UK, which may affect the advice they give me, I know that some countries, the law is probably different. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I would prefer advice from people who really know the law in this case. I know it's a hypothesis, but I have to be sure. thanks
How do I insure a work slash company computer at my home0Spike 2012-01-05 08:13:51
How to ensure a working bar the company computer in my house
My computer was stolen from a computer repair store. How can I go about receiving reimbursement to replace it.?0General2012-10-23 00:45:02
The sure shop owners refused my claim (well the fact that the owner did ) . I'm trying to receive reimbursement to replace my computer , not what I think my computer is worth . The owner did not have a system to safeguard the personal property while in the store that I found when allowed to help him look for it. I'm also trying to obtain reimbursement programs ( I have the receipts ) and a credit monitoring agreement and loss of invaluable information persoanl . His ex-con technician was arrested and is now in custody for the theft . I had to make a statement that his probation officer and all! He tried to solve , but it was far from what he quoted the original complaint, and I was not satisfied with his suggestion , so I refused . I'm trying to be fair, but have not taken advantage of here . What harm could really get in this case ?
If we can computer chip our pets, why not implant ID computer chips for everyone?2jas202012-09-23 12:48:02
If standardized , so do not need credit cards, driver's license, Medicare card and insurance. This is not a new idea. This happened to think since we lost yesterday, Ray Bradbury. Goodbye Ray - will miss him .
Spilt milk on my htc, wont work!?0marty2012-09-21 08:53:02
My Htc Sensastion XE was laying in the milk for most of the night because the glass was knocked out by the side . The main screen button wont work so I can not activate the screen , the start button at the bottom does not work properly and can not recognize the files as images . Is there anything that can be done as I let out insurance when I got the phone contract.
My husbands work wont cover him on there car insurance?0Louis2012-06-03 11:59:14
Soo my husband had to sign a paper saying that today are not covered by insurance in most vehicles and can not drive any of their company cars , suddenly , I do not understand why is this? Can anyone tell me why?
Ok i hv a question about my car,my lights keep going out an my horn wont work,sometimes if i hit a bump in the?0Renee2012-05-03 01:45:24
my beam will come again , may be the cause of my fuses this or is it an electrical problem, plz help
I am 17 years old, my parents wont work and I have no health insurance. How can I get myself some?0Francis2012-07-31 20:01:08
My parents wont work and I have no health insurance. My parents are divorced, I need shots and some other health issues delt with and I am unable to get them complete because of my damn parents. How can I fix this? What should I do? If I were to live with a diferent family, such as a friends, would that help me any?
My iPod Touch 4G home button got stuck and now it wont work so how can i fix it?0Rocket902012-09-02 05:16:02
So now I have to restart the iPod to go to the home screen ! I have the bestbuy sure they were going to change the ipod for a new one ? Because I do not want to go to Northpark in Dallas only to the Apple store !

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