How to start a property and casualty insurance broker business? related questions

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How to start a property and casualty insurance broker business?1Maria B2017-08-23 23:14:37
What is a property and casualty broker? pls help if u know. im cluesless?0Silverwing 2012-05-29 06:53:53
How much do or is it a poor industry for sales career as life insurance agents ?
Does any one how much is the fee to take the property and casualty agent/broker test?1Cherrie2012-09-08 12:24:02
I have to take it to the California Department of Insurance . can anyone tell me how much is the test?
How do i start my own insurance broker business?0zephy2012-07-02 02:27:02
Do i need to do some sort of course?how do i become a insurance broker?
What is needed to start a property and casualty insurance agency in Texas0Ula2012-03-30 10:31:47
What is needed to start an agency of the property and accident insurance in Texas
Are premiums on business property and casualty insurance deductible for tax purposes?0Yassah2012-07-26 11:28:02
Are the premiums on business property and liability insurance deductible for tax purposes ?
Business Analyst position in Property & Casualty Insurance domain jobs in USA?0collective count noun2012-10-09 14:45:01
Trying to help my friend find a job as a business analyst . He is polite and has years of experience . Anyone know of any company in the U.S. looking for one ? Or know of a good place to look ? There is a period of time .
What do i need to start a property maintenance business?0 ╰ つ last resort -2012-10-09 02:14:25
I have recently been hired by a leasing agents to do yard work , but now I'm thinking of offering a complete job maintaining the property . I have liability and employers liability insurance (
To start a business of property, what are the essential licences required?0Gustave2012-07-31 22:26:54
I have a doubt about the brokerage. Whether we have to clear any exam for this or we have to take any agency like an insurance agent.
This year i plan to start a small business as well as a rental property, I have a few tax questions?0Vesone2012-07-26 18:21:03
concerning my rental. I wanted to charge $750.00 monthly minus certain utilities included amounting to $150.00. So I have a proffit of $600.00 each month. Can I offset this proffit with the monthly mortgage payment of $600.00 (P&I )or can I just claim mortgage interest, insurance costs and depreciate the buliding over 30 years. Can I exspense any repairs against the profit or do I have to depreciate them. Example a new roof might cost 5-7 thousand dollars. If I have to depreciate that over 30 years that doesn't amount to much but that sure was a lot to come up with now. Concerning the business, I plan to start a home based carpentry business. I would like to spend roughly 20k - 30k on a workshop that will serve as a business hub at my physicall residence. I would prefere this over an in town based business for obvious reasons. Now can the business pay myself rent to use the bulding and claim this as a business exspense, and I claim mortgage intrest and depreciation for myself.
I have 2 MILLION UMBRELLA POLICY IN MY HOUSE . I have no employees. Do I need a business liability insurance . ? IM STRICTLY SALES AGENT IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS
Does anyone know what age i can start classes to be an insurance broker?0Journey2012-07-02 05:24:03
Well yea im looking into that ....well my mother is to be more specific but yea it would be halpful if anyone could give me some sites or info on how to be an insurance broker. Thanks!

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